Cycleport Racing Gloves

Gear ReviewI’ve been wearing the same gloves for several years now and they’re starting to show their age.  I stopped by the Yellow Devil Gear Exchange closing-sale and found some Cycleport gloves left over.  The price was right and they fit pretty well so I scooped them up.  I’d known about Motoport/Cycleport for a couple years, but only from their jackets.  A couple of the local guys had gotten full suits and jackets from them and were very happy.  I’m really picky about my gloves, but based on the price of these I felt OK giving them a shot.  Now that I’ve worn them for a couple months it’s time to make some observations.


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Two steps forward

Interesting observation yesterday afternoon, commuting home:

I was doing my normal thing, lane sharing in the carpool lane.  I happened to pass a red Jeep Wrangler which was only remarkable because it had something with feathers in the back seat.  I don’t know if it was a bird or a piece of art or whatever, I didn’t pay much attention other than seeing some feathers sticking up over the seat.

Ten miles and ~15 minutes later, I’m exiting the freeway to get home and for whatever reason the left turn lane is backed up.  I don’t like lane sharing on off ramps so I’m waiting my turn like everyone else.  Finally get up to the front, stopped at the red, and what pulls up beside me?

A red Jeep Wrangler with some feathery thing in the back seat.  Two steps forward, two steps back.

2015 Birthday Ride – Crystal Lake

rideIconIf you pay any attention to the Two Slow OC Instagram account, you have hopefully figured out that it was my birthday this week.  I was lucky enough to get a couple days off work to celebrate and just chill.  It was great being able to hang out with family and friends a little bit and live the life of a Gentleman Adventurer.  The adventures weren’t very grand, but fun nonetheless.  What started out as a wet ride ended up being a cold foggy adventure and a cold pint at a new-to-me spot.  More below…

Trying a new place #craftbeerlife

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Ducati Monster chain and sprockets

techIconReplacing a chain and sprockets isn’t really hard, even when you’re like me and don’t have all the right tools.  You can get it done.  There’s nothing magical about doing it on a dual swingarm Ducati.  Process for a single-sided swingarm is different, but relatively the same.  I replaced mine the other day and took some pictures of the process, hopefully this will help you feel confident enough to do it yourself.

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Rider tip #6 – Change your grips

Gear ReviewLately my bike had been acting a little tired. Slow to spool up, hesitant at low speed, running choppy at small throttle openings.  I figured it was just a 10 year old 75,000 mile bike showing its age.

But then the other day I noticed when I was twisting the throttle, the grip was moving but the throttle tube wasn’t. I tried solving it with some light adhesive but that didn’t work. Continue reading

April 11- SoCal Motorcycles Open House

SoCal MotorcyclespartyIcon had their open house Saturday.  I really wanted to go to Hippy Killer Hoedown this year, but it just didn’t work out.  So instead I put it some miles on GMR, then went over to SoCal for some free hot dogs, check out some bikes, and invariably see a bunch of people I don’t normally see.   Continue reading

April 11 – GMR

rideIconDecided to take a ride up GMR, Glendora Mountain Road, and see what it looked like.  Lately someone has been pouring oil on the road in an attempt to keep bikers away, so I’ve been wary of going up there.  I didn’t find any fresh oil today, but I did see a couple sports that where oil had been poured and not cleaned up by Cal Trans, small spills that were at least a couple days old.  Continue reading

Lane Markings – Part 1

rideIconThose mysterious lane markings.  After a discussion with a co-worker non-rider who was convinced I did something illegal until I showed them the vehicle code on my phone (seriously, how did we ever settle arguments before smart phones?), I began to wonder if people really know what the lane markings on the ground mean.  I mean, don’t they teach this shit in Driver’s Ed anymore?

No, they’re not just pretty pictures and patterns; the colors, location, and style of line tells you what you can and can’t do, and even tells you what’s happening with the lane or road you’re on.  I started to work this post out in my head and it turned into a huge post, so I’ll break it down a little at a time so I don’t split your skull with knowledge.

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