Gear ReviewWGDYWT? Trying something new today, a take on a “What Did You Wear Today?” thread I stumbled on.  So, What Gear Did You Wear Today?

Icon Variant w/ Chatterbox Xbi communication, Alpinestars Grease Monkey w/ Olympia Nova 2 vest, Schampa Mini Gaiter neck warmer, Kriega R25 pack, Alpinestars SP2 gloves, Dickies, Dainese Torque Out boots.


What Gear Did You Wear Today?

Black Friday Palomar Mt

rideIconPalomar on Black Friday?  Great idea.  Last week at work my buddy Marco and I were talking about heading out in lieu of spending money we didn’t have on things we didn’t need.  After much hemming and hawing about a route, I picked out Palomar since Marco had never been, but we did the back road approach through the rural neighborhoods north of Escondido.  An uneventful day, in a good way.  Even the traffic wasn’t crazy. Continue reading

Cars and Coffee Nov 22

Cars and CoffeeHeaded out to Cars and Coffee this week.  Realized afterward I haven’t been since July.  Not that I’m a regular by any stretch, but usually I don’t take a 4 month break.  Good show today, lots of cars, but not crazy like I’ve seen it in the past.  Even saw a few I haven’t seen before.  Picks after the jump. Continue reading

Ten Thousand hits

twoslow180pxThe Admin here.

Very happy to report as of Wednesday 11/19 twoslow.com has received ten thousand hits.  I was going to post Wednesday night but I got busy and forgot until this morning.

While it is a small milestone for some sites, it’s one to celebrate for our tiny slice of the interwebs.

We will continue to produce content that is compelling and interesting.  We’re glad you’ve come along on the ride with us.



Long Beach IMS 2014

andyScored a ticket to the International Motorcycle Show from my buddies over at The Cycle Guys.  Wow, crazy show this year.  So much more stuff than the last time I went to IMS (2010 I think).  Motorcycle industry bouncing back?  Not only where all the dealers there, but lots of the smaller vendors, retailers, and manufacturers were there this year.  I even caught a glimpse of the MotoLady, altho she was busy and I didn’t want to interrupt to say ‘hi.’  Ton of pics below.   Continue reading

Crystal Lake Nov 12

rideIconAfter last month’s debacle on ACH, I decided to ride up to Crystal Lake today.  I’d originally planned yesterday, but schedules changed and it’s a good thing too:  Crystal Lake Cafe is closed on Tuesday.  I mean not that it would’ve ruined the day, but there’s something fun about hitting the little cafe for whatever and chilling on the patio with a drink. No, Dale, I didn’t see the cat.

Continue reading

Rider tip #9 – Kickstand

When you’re parking, always make eye contact with your kickstand to make sure it’s down.  Don’t trust your foot.  Don’t trust your brain to remember that you put it down or not.  Trust no one.


One day you’ll get distracted while you’re dismounting, and the next thing you know you’re trapped under the bike, yelling for help.

Put the stand down with your foot, and before you lean the bike over, look down with your eyes and make sure the stand is extended and the foot is down.  Then and only then lean the bike onto it gently.