GMR and Cold Brew

Oh, GMR how I missed you, but with a bike I wasn’t confident in, I didn’t want to get up in the hills and break down.  Nick at Valley Desmo got it working right a couple weeks ago. Now with it fixed it was time for a GMR run, and to take Robert up there for his first time.  Luckily East Fork Supply Co was having a donuts and cold brew coffee event that day, so we strung the two together, got lunch after, and made most of a day out of it.  The people at East Fork are genuine and have a nicely curated collection of their own stuff as well as from other moto-shops. They like to hike too, so if you’re into motos or hiking, they’ve got cool stuff.  Give them a follow on FB or IG if you’re inclined; they’re good dudes.

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Confidence Matters

Confidence is the fulcrum that turns a sketchy situation to a great, enjoyable one.  I’m not speaking about having confidence in ourselves, but having confidence in our equipment.  It’s why we do shakedown rides before bike trips.  It’s why we do preventive maintenance, or have a mechanic do a ‘once over’ on our bikes.  Confidence in our equipment – hitting the starter and it starts; knowing our battery is going to charge; knowing our bike is going to run correctly – lets us forget our gear and focus on the experience, our friends, and the memories we create.  Lacking confidence in our bike turns any trip, long or short, into an exercise of walking on eggs shells of constant doubt.

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Plugging a Tire Puncture

As bikers, sooner or later, we’re going to get stuck with a tire puncture.  When you have the privilege of lane sharing, it can be even more common because cars aren’t keeping that part of the road free from debris.  I’ve used the mushroom style plugs and the sticky-rope-glue style plugs, and I find the sticky rope style last longer.  The mushroom style plugs seem to come loose after a day or two, so while I still have a kit for it, I only use it for temporary fixes when I’m out on the road.  So let’s talk about plugging a tire.

tire puncture

I got screwed

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Say No to Fake Shit

Shopping with the kid and saw this bullshit

Fuck all you corporate pig dogs who leech off us to make your bullshit in China or Indonesia or wherever and sell it to kids at ridiculous prices. 

Didn’t you learn from Hollister’s bullshit stealing surf designs? People don’t buy what you do, they but why you do it. Don’t make up fake MCs, fake shops, fake customs. Be true. Be genuine. Stay gold.   

Good people, there enough genuine, true, and real brands out there that will gladly sell you a hat or tee, you don’t have to buy this tripe. Support the makers. Support real.

Happy Labor Day

Yeah, I know.  It’s been a crazy summer with way less riding than I planned, and way less posting than I planned.  Been having bike trouble so I haven’t done any weekend riding to avoid getting stranded with a break down.

So anyway, hopefully things will turn soon.  Nothing bad going on, just a full calendar.

In the meantime, Happy Labor Day – remember why it’s on the calendar.


Saving America with Motorcycles

Motorcycles can save America.  I know- it sounds crazy.  Every day it feels like the country is falling apart: inequality, racism, sexism, hate, anger, fear, war and conflict… and those are some big problems.  We can do our part to chip away at the insurmountable problems of our generation and effect positive change in our communities.  Motorcycles can solve congestion, decrease electrical loads and costs, and reduce carbon emissions.  We can’t do it alone, we need a little help from industry and the government, but together we can accomplish small goals with large impacts. Continue reading