The World Is Calling, Your Bike Can Answer

Any bike can take you there if you want to go. Don’t let excuses or nay-sayers stop you. My girlfriend and I took my Bonneville from Los Angeles to Vancouver this summer for three weeks. Every bike is different, but as riders, we need the same things; comfort, protection, range, reliability and fun. My 2009 Bonneville SE had a few of those checked off, but it still needed a few things to make it into a bonafide tourer. Here is a write up of the parts I needed, how they performed and a few pictures that I hope you enjoy. Continue reading

What Makes a Good Riding Buddy?

184081_256454104379141_2303998_nRiding a motorcycle for pleasure is a specially rewarding experience. Here, in SoCal there are many roads that provide excitement but are not without risks. A bad crash, to a simple breakdown or flat tire can leave you stranded out in the middle of nowhere for hours. A cell phone or personal tracking device are good tools of the trade, but I have been let down by low batteries or no cell reception. Why am I bothering to address this, you ask? Because we don’t have to accept these risks alone. When you get a flat or your bike dies unexpectedly stranding you hours from help and shelter, what would you rather have; a cell without reception or your best riding buddy?
imageI’ve been quite lucky to have met a friend who has earned my complete trust. The kind of trust that is forged over thousands of miles of riding and sharing the highs and lows of riding together. Our own Andy is this man. Andy contains the core characteristics you need in a riding buddy.
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Rider tip #21 – Shadows

The most dangerous times to ride are sunrise and dusk.  The sun is low in the sky blinding people. People are either half awake or exhausted from a day at work.  They’re anxious to get where they’re going so they make rash decisions.

Long shadows generally point towards the person who is sun-dazzled and won’t see you.



Use extra caution at intersections and driveway/pull outs when the shadows are long.  These situations are fertile ground for a SMIDSY.

Red Sky Warning

rideIconWhen I was getting ready for work yesterday I noticed the sky was warming up to give us a beautiful sunrise.  The way the clouds and the mountains were lined up, I knew it’d be pretty but just for a short time.  But I had to get to work, so I grabbed my camera and  tried to get a shot from the commute.  It was pretty dicey, but I think I managed to get a good one.

Work Day_0001

Red sky at morning, rider take warning

Since I had my camera I figured I’d grab a couple snaps through the work day.  I don’t normally talk about work here, but I figure it’s what lets me keep my family happy and keep my bike happy.  Work to live, not live to work.  More below.

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New Years Day Ride – 2015

rideIconI followed custom this year again and fit in a solid New Years Day ride with Mike and Marco from work and my very good buddy Jon here at Two Slow.  Jon and I rarely hook up because our schedules don’t match so it was great to see him after so long.  The lovely Adell joined us as well, always good to see the both of them.  The weather has been so frigid lately I was honestly thinking about cancelling but Mike and Marco’s enthusiasm convinced me to get out.  We met up a little later than we usually do and headed up into the Malibu hills for the World Famous Rock Store (where we saw Jay Leno but I couldn’t get my camera out fast enough) and Neptune’s Net for lunch. Continue reading

2014 Year End Review

twoslow180pxI hope I never have to type those words except for here.  Typing those words anyplace other than here means I’m giving someone an annual review and I really don’t ever want to do that.  But the stats package we use from WP gives us a pretty good year end analysis and some people might like to see it.  Thanks for coming along and we all hope you’ll stay with us as we do our best to tell good stories, share good pictures, drink some good beer, and have good times with friends.

Follow the link to check it out:

Two Slow




Beers I have known

partyIconI’ve always said Two Slow is about Friends, Family, Rides, and Beers.  But I’ve been a little slack on showcasing the beers.  To be clear, while I do enjoy craft beer, I’m not a beer snob.  Every beer has it’s place in the broad spectrum of enjoyment (except Corona, it’s just awful).  Some are great with dinner, some are great after yardwork, others are good when you’ve got a long day of drinking ahead and you don’t want to be hammered by 10am.  Below I’ve gathered some pics of different beers, mostly from our TwoSlow_OC Instagram.  Enjoy. Continue reading


Gear ReviewWGDYWT? Trying something new today, a take on a “What Did You Wear Today?” thread I stumbled on.  So, What Gear Did You Wear Today?

Icon Variant w/ Chatterbox Xbi communication, Alpinestars Grease Monkey w/ Olympia Nova 2 vest, Schampa Mini Gaiter neck warmer, Kriega R25 pack, Alpinestars SP2 gloves, Dickies, Dainese Torque Out boots.


What Gear Did You Wear Today?