Glendora Mtn Road Feb 8

rideIconI had a day off work so I decided to take a spin up to GMR.  I’d heard the road up to Crystal Lake was damaged and closed so I wanted to see what was going on.  GMR is so close, it’s a quick getaway with minimal freeway time and I’m not so far out in the hinterland if something goes bad.  After my electrical problem on ACH a while back I’m a little hesitant to head out that far again, especially alone.

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Smog City Brewery Jan 30

partyIconGot a message for my buddy Jim about going to Smog City today for some limited release he was part of.  I’m never one to turn down the chance to try a new brewery so I made sure my schedule was clear and then off we went.  Picked up our buddy Jorge on the way, who I haven’t seen in a long time, so it was great to catch up with the guys, meet some new people, try some new beers, and bring home some souvenirs.

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SoCal Norton Owners – Run for the Roses

rideIconWith the holiday season upon us, Jon and I were trying to connect to hang out and catch up.  He got invited to the SoCal Norton Owners Club Annual Run For The Roses ride, so he invited me to join him.  I’d never been of course, but the route included Angeles Crest and Newcomb’s Ranch so I was in.


SoCal Norton Run For The Roses

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Giving Thanks – 2015

It’s been a crazy year.  Between work, family, and chores, I haven’t gotten on my bike near as much as I would like.  But I’m healthy, the wife and kids are healthy, job keeps paying me to show up, and my friends still talk to me.  Remember what’s important everyone.  Thanks for keeping up with us here and hopefully you’ll see more shenanigans soon.

Thank you to the the most important people in my life that aren’t related by blood – friends by chance, brother by choice.  I know sometimes it’s challenging to continue to be my friend, but thank you for sticking around.

giving thanks 2015