Beers of Summer

partyIconAbout the only thing I enjoy as much as a good ride is a good beer.  Craft beer, Big Beer, pseudo-craft beer, I don’t discriminate as long as it tastes good. As summer is about to end and fall begin, it’s time to reflect on some of the great beer I’ve tasted this season.

As good as they might have been, remember it’s not about what you drank, but who you were drinking with. Stop hoarding and hiding and start reconnecting with the people who matter most.

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Quick Summer Ride-Aug 15

rideIconWe are well and good into the dog days of summer.  It’s way too hot to do much of anything, even riding in this heat isn’t fun.  But I haven’t really been on my bike for fun in quite a while so I decided to brave the temps and just get in a quick ride around town.  Can’t wait for milder temps to return so I can start getting some longer rides into the rotation.

0815 Quick Ride_0007

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Downtime – apologies

techIconToday it was noticed the site had zero hits for the last 3 days.  While we don’t get a ton of traffic we do get a pretty steady flow of daily visits.  We’d worked on some site optimization the other night and apparently something didn’t save right or got messed up somehow.

Luckily, no content was lost, it was all there, but every link off the main page lead to a dead end.  Not sure what fixed it, but after some frantic flipping of options and trying to reverse changes from the other night, suddenly everything started to work again.

Our apologies to anyone trying to visit or coming from an external link to one of our tech posts.

Everyday Kit


My every day kit to/from work:


Sorry for the lack of posts.  Once we got back from our roadtrip, been super busy between work and family stuff and haven’t had a single ride or bike show to squeeze in.  It’ll let up soon and I’ll be back to more frequent updates again.

July 5 – Dust it off

rideIconAs you probably noticed from the lack of posts, June had been a really busy month for me. Between school promotions and graduations, general family stuff, and then an eight day roadtrip with the family to Colorado, there was little time left for riding.  I’ve been commuting but it’s just not the same so before going back to work I decided to take a spin around town and knock some of the dust off my bike and my brain. Continue reading

Rider tip #3 – Be nice to your gloves

Gear ReviewGloves are one of those things we become intimately familiar with, and something you will love or hate after just a few rides.  Most other pieces of equipment you can tolerate their shortcoming, but gloves can make or break ride comfort.

Gloves aren’t cheap either, so stop ruining them when you’re taking them off.  Instead of pulling them off by the fingers, try this method.


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Memorial Day GMR

rideIconI took a couple vacation days over Memorial Day weekend and ended it by hitting GMR, aka Glendora Mountain Road.  I’ve been up there many times, and lately been going more due to its proximity to home.  It’s a darn good road that’s not usually busy off-peak.  Jon had never been, surprisingly, so that sealed the deal.  I’m by no means an expert at GMR, far from it, but I know enough to take someone who has never been.

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