Rider tip #6 – Change your grips

Gear ReviewLately my bike had been acting a little tired. Slow to spool up, hesitant at low speed, running choppy at small throttle openings.  I figured it was just a 10 year old 75,000 mile bike showing its age.

But then the other day I noticed when I was twisting the throttle, the grip was moving but the throttle tube wasn’t. I tried solving it with some light adhesive but that didn’t work. Continue reading

April 11- SoCal Motorcycles Open House

SoCal MotorcyclespartyIcon had their open house Saturday.  I really wanted to go to Hippy Killer Hoedown this year, but it just didn’t work out.  So instead I put it some miles on GMR, then went over to SoCal for some free hot dogs, check out some bikes, and invariably see a bunch of people I don’t normally see.   Continue reading

April 11 – GMR

rideIconDecided to take a ride up GMR, Glendora Mountain Road, and see what it looked like.  Lately someone has been pouring oil on the road in an attempt to keep bikers away, so I’ve been wary of going up there.  I didn’t find any fresh oil today, but I did see a couple sports that where oil had been poured and not cleaned up by Cal Trans, small spills that were at least a couple days old.  Continue reading

Lane Markings – Part 1

rideIconThose mysterious lane markings.  After a discussion with a co-worker non-rider who was convinced I did something illegal until I showed them the vehicle code on my phone (seriously, how did we ever settle arguments before smart phones?), I began to wonder if people really know what the lane markings on the ground mean.  I mean, don’t they teach this shit in Driver’s Ed anymore?

No, they’re not just pretty pictures and patterns; the colors, location, and style of line tells you what you can and can’t do, and even tells you what’s happening with the lane or road you’re on.  I started to work this post out in my head and it turned into a huge post, so I’ll break it down a little at a time so I don’t split your skull with knowledge.

Continue reading

GMR GRR St Patrick’s Day 2015

rideIconAs hesitant as I was to ride GMR after all the shenanigans going on up there lately, I wanted to get a shorter ride in before I met the wife for lunch on St Patrick’s Day.  We’ve made it a small tradition to have lunch, just the two of us, at our local.  She always gets corned beef and cabbage, and I always get a corned beef sandwich.  I took off soon as the kids were off to school and hit the hill early before most people were out of school or bed. Continue reading

DIY Moto Phone Mount

With all the changes I’ve made to my Bonnevillle, I finally got around to solving the need for a cheap phone mount. I’d been planning on using the integrated mount system my iPhone case includes. It’s a Rokform case, but the mount is an adhesive type and I wanted it right on my handlebar beneath my dash/gage. They make a couple different moto mounts, but they’re kinda pricey. Continue reading

Angeles Crest Highway Feb 15

rideIconACH in February?  Why not?  I’d been invited on a group ride to Julian, but it had to be postponed a couple weeks. I already had the time blocked out and the wife was expecting me to be gone so I took advantage and tried to exorcise my ACH demons.  Such a beautiful day.  Temp was great, not much traffic, but man Newcomb’s was pretty busy.  Not like summer-time busy, but pretty busy for February (although I’m usually there on week days so my perspective is a little off).   Continue reading