Giving Thanks – 2015

It’s been a crazy year.  Between work, family, and chores, I haven’t gotten on my bike near as much as I would like.  But I’m healthy, the wife and kids are healthy, job keeps paying me to show up, and my friends still talk to me.  Remember what’s important everyone.  Thanks for keeping up with us here and hopefully you’ll see more shenanigans soon.

Thank you to the the most important people in my life that aren’t related by blood – friends by chance, brother by choice.  I know sometimes it’s challenging to continue to be my friend, but thank you for sticking around.

giving thanks 2015

It’s been a while – GMR Oct 16

rideIconWith the heat this summer not letting up and a busy kids’ schedule, it’s been hard to find time to get out for a pleasure ride.  I commute every day on the bike, but it’s not the same as riding for the essential joy of riding.  I decided to take a random day off in October because there were no other holidays I’d get off and today was the day.  I haven’t ridden a curvy road in months so I took it real easy and just enjoyed the day.


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Two Slow LA @ 2015 Distinguished gentleman’s ride

On Sunday, over 700 dapper SoCal LA motorcyclists took over the streets in a huge ride that not only generated over $100,000 marked for prostate cancer research, but made a statement to the denizens of Los Angeles that motorcyclists are good people and not entirely composed of harebrained hooligans!