Good Friday 2014 – ACH

rideIconWe had a company holiday today and a couple buddies from work all got hall passes so we hit the road.  One guy, you know who you are, wanted a 6 hour run up the coast.  Uh, pass.  How about Angeles Crest Highway, aka ACH?  Bill had never been to ACH, Marco had, but only the ‘front side’ with his BMW friends.  Everything was all set, a time, a route.  Hardly any traffic today and everything was going great until an 18 wheeler decided it wanted to be in our lane.

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Five Things Drivers Should Know About Motorcyclists

I get asked a lot of questions from people about motorcyclists and bikers.  It seems if you’re a motorcyclist you know and represent all other bikers. Usually these are same questions with well-rehearsed answers.  Not that it’ll ever stop, but here’s my attempt at stemming the tide.  People love lists, so here you are:

Five Things Drivers Should Know About Motorcyclists.

five things drivers should know about motorcyclists

Note:  This isn’t the only five things, the top five things, or the most important five things.  No science involved here, just my own opinions about five things I get questions about and people should know.  Feel free to share this with your friends.

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Finally – Adventures in Lane Sharing

rideIconFinally.  For the first time today I had a cager try to 1) block me and 2) try to start some kind of altercation. Sure, I’ve had people purposefully block me from lane sharing, but never had one come after me.  I was lane sharing like I always do and when I tried to pass this guy he very clearly blocked me.  I backed off to give him some space and when I tried to pass again, he did it again.

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Rite of Spring – Palomar

rideIconSpring started this week.  The days are getting longer and I was itching to get some miles in and things worked out for me to get on the road today.  I’d been down (up?) to Palomar with the RAT group a couple months ago and I wanted to get out there again with some time to stop and grab some photos.  Such a beautiful day – spring has sprung.  A little overcast and fogged in through the morning but cleared up by 11 or so.  Cows everywhere on the ranches.  And bugs, lots of bugs on the road. Pics below.

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Backpack Evolution

Gear ReviewI have a thing about backpacks.  When I say that, it means I’m always looking for the perfect backpack, one that I can use for everything, no matter the destination or packing needs.  Of course this doesn’t exist, like talking unicorns.  In my quest over the last several years I’ve accumulated an unnecessary collection of bags.  Some have been re-purposed from other uses, some were specifically bought for moto-use, and some were just experiments or a free bag for when I needed something quickly.  Read on to learn more.

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Crystal Lake – Feb 17

rideIconAnother company holiday means I was able to sneak in a ride.  I’d been hitting ACH a lot lately so I decided I’d run up to Crystal Lake.  I haven’t been there in a while and it’s nice ride, usually not much traffic especially on a week day.  Funny part is I didn’t see any bikes going up until I got to the top at the Cafe.

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