Jan 20 – ACH

rideIconMonday was a company holiday and I usually make it a point to get out on the road and decompress when that happens.  Work has been kicking my ass lately, so even after a weekend I needed a little open road time.  I like ACH because it’s generally pretty deserted on weekdays, although sometimes that can work against you.  We haven’t had much snow this winter, if any, so ACH has remained open.  There was some snow on the north sides of the mountains and in the shadows, but otherwise it was pretty clear.

For lack of snow, what it did have was lots of rocks.  More than I’ve ever seen up there even after a good rain.  And we’re not talking pebbles, I’m talking masonry brick sized mini boulders.  It’s usually the worst up between mile marker 60 and 70, and that was the case today as well, with them spread out all over the east and west-bound lanes.  I was heading west and it was better, but I was still spooked enough that I took it easy and just enjoyed the day.  Pics below, I’ll have some video later this week, so stay tuned.


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