DIY Moto Phone Mount

With all the changes I’ve made to my Bonnevillle, I finally got around to solving the need for a cheap phone mount. I’d been planning on using the integrated mount system my iPhone case includes. It’s a Rokform case, but the mount is an adhesive type and I wanted it right on my handlebar beneath my dash/gage. They make a couple different moto mounts, but they’re kinda pricey.
I didn’t think to take step by step photos because 1 I don’t expect everyone to have the same case mount I do, 2 I fully expected it to be ugly as hell. So I drilled out four holes for small zip ties and melted grooves in the top of the mount (the ties would block the flush mount the system needs) and cut some spare dishwasher hose I bought for the highway pegs for the big Vancouver trip. It’s the perfect spot because it’s easy to see and doesn’t block the gage or idiot lights.
Four small ties connecting to two large ties cinched down on the thick, grippy hose made for a surprisingly stable and vibration absorbing mounting adaptation.
I’ve been testing it for about a week and it’s performed better than I thought it would. I know the ties won’t last forever, but this was so cheap and easy to make I’m not worried about periodic repairs.
It looks pretty slick with the iPhone mounted and I use the lanyard as a safety leash. It’s easy to mount/remove, performs well and was easy AND fun to make. It cost me less than a buck too!
Now, visual navigation (Gmaps, Waze), etc are a snap! In combination with my Sena SMH10 voice control I’m ready for anything!

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