Saturday Impromptu Ride

The other weekend my good friend David suggested a Saturday impromptu ride around Los Angeles. Adell hopped on the Bonneville, I mounted the Aprilia RSV and rode with David to pick up his riding partner for the day, Iris. We went from downtown LA to Griffith park for a few easy, scenic laps of its meandering loop before stopping at the fun ‘Travel Town’ Train Museum located inside the park. After that we hit Golden Road Brewery to watch Seattle beat Green Bay. We had such a good time, we forgot to take any pics, so use your imagination muscles for this post!

Traffic was typically heavy but moving light-to-light on our way from downtown to Griffith. It was warm, so it was a relief to have air moving as we got to the free flowing park road. Adell and I continue to use our Sena SMH10 units to talk and we just love that. David has a Honda CB500X and they looked a little cramped yet comfortable. As a special treat, we saw Jay Leno for a consecutive 2nd weekend taking some old wonderful open wheeled car of his for a spin. He let us pass so we could wave and then he followed us for a while before we headed to the museum.

Once there, we had a better chance to get to know Iris and explore the history around us. Iris has some wild stories that usually had to do with her getting into fights with crazy street people. Which is strange for sure, but more so given her tiny, diminutive 5 foot stature. The train cars and engines are really cool to climb up into and explore. You don’t even have to be a train enthusiast/weirdo. After making our rounds and working up an appetite, we saddled up and made our way to Golden Road Brewery because David still hadn’t been and we have a great time when we go.

I love a good bourbon or brandy barrel aged beer. And GRB has one of my favorites, their Barleywine. We settled in for great food, even better beer and that fantastic Seattle vs. Green Bay playoff game that sent Seattle to the Super Bowl. The energy was amazing. It was a special afternoon and an outstanding impromptu city ride. Days like this are good reminders of how sweet it is to live in LA or SoCal because we can ride almost completely year round and there is so much culture, life and fun to be had. You don’t have to log hundreds of miles to have a great weekend ride.

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