2015 Birthday Ride – Crystal Lake

rideIconIf you pay any attention to the Two Slow OC Instagram account, you have hopefully figured out that it was my birthday this week.  I was lucky enough to get a couple days off work to celebrate and just chill.  It was great being able to hang out with family and friends a little bit and live the life of a Gentleman Adventurer.  The adventures weren’t very grand, but fun nonetheless.  What started out as a wet ride ended up being a cold foggy adventure and a cold pint at a new-to-me spot.  More below…

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Trying a new place #craftbeerlife

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Friday I had reserved for a birthday ride.  I really wanted to repeat my 2013 Birthday Ride and go to Las Brisas in Fallbrook, one of my favorite out-of-town taco shops.  But the weather showed rain most of the week so I was a little leery about going too far from home base.  Fallbrook isn’t that far, but it’s still a good 2 1/2 hours to get there on the route I like.  Jon and I were able to hook up and figure out a shorter ride up to Crystal Lake Cafe.

I started off with a rainy ride to East Fork Supply Co (really cool dudes there) to pick up one of their shirts I wanted- happy birthday to me.  Getting ready to meet Jon and looking north, all I saw was a wall of rain between me and our meeting spot.  Checked with Jon by phone and it was cloudy for him, but no rain, so I decided to tough it out.

Wasn’t sure I was prepared for what we found going up the mountain, but it ended up being a great day.  It’s so easy to say ‘no’ and sit at home, warm and safe. There’s something magical about hanging out with friends, persevering through bullshit in the search of fun, and ending the day with good stories over a cold pint.


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