Rider tip #3 – Be nice to your gloves

Gear ReviewGloves are one of those things we become intimately familiar with, and something you will love or hate after just a few rides.  Most other pieces of equipment you can tolerate their shortcoming, but gloves can make or break ride comfort.

Gloves aren’t cheap either, so stop ruining them when you’re taking them off.  Instead of pulling them off by the fingers, try this method.


Whether you use leather or textile gloves, don’t pull on the fingers when you’re taking them off.  This stretches the leather, especially when they’re sweaty, and weakens the stitching.  Even textile gloves will start to shred at the fingers when you pull on the fingers.  Instead, once unstrapped, grab the glove across the knuckles or back of your hand, squeeze slightly, then pull it off.  Repeat with the other hand when you have a bare hand.



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