July 5 – Dust it off

rideIconAs you probably noticed from the lack of posts, June had been a really busy month for me. Between school promotions and graduations, general family stuff, and then an eight day roadtrip with the family to Colorado, there was little time left for riding.  I’ve been commuting but it’s just not the same so before going back to work I decided to take a spin around town and knock some of the dust off my bike and my brain.

Was a beautiful day once the overcast skies burned off.  I took a spin down Santiago Canyon and even explored some new roads I haven’t been down before.  Made a stop at the Trabuco General Store for a snack and had a nice chat with another rider and his incredibly clean ’94(?) FJ1200 with ABS.  It was so clean I thought it had been repainted but it was original paint.  Stopped by the D-Store Costa Mesa to try on a new AGV helmet but neglected to take any pics.  As always, it’s nice to get out without having to go far from home or risk another all-day-break-down post.

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