SoCal Norton Owners – Run for the Roses

rideIconWith the holiday season upon us, Jon and I were trying to connect to hang out and catch up.  He got invited to the SoCal Norton Owners Club Annual Run For The Roses ride, so he invited me to join him.  I’d never been of course, but the route included Angeles Crest and Newcomb’s Ranch so I was in.


SoCal Norton Run For The Roses

We somehow found each other at the meet spot, Lucky Baldwin’s Trappiste Pub & Cafe in Pasadena.  I forgot the Tournament of Roses Parade passes through that area so it was pretty much a mad house with people already setting up camp for the night to claim their spot.  Jon showed me the route and all I saw was words words words ACH to Newcomb’s Ranch words words words Upper Big Tujunga words words words Angeles Forest Highway words words words. I knew I wouldn’t remember the route but figured I couldn’t miss a pack of 50’ish riders. I hadn’t been on AFH or Big Tujunga in a looong time, but have a good idea how to get home from back there.

Weather was great, but boy it was chilly and there were patches of ice in the shady spots.  At Newcomb’s someone told me their bike said it was 44 degrees.  Not sure about the rest of you, but that’s cold for SoCal.  Saw some really unique bikes, things I rarely see like Matchless, bunch of Meriden Bonnies and a whole bunch of Nortons of course.  With some random stuff thrown in there as well.

Jon is turning into a grown up so it’s hard to find time to just hang out, and the distance now doesn’t help, but any time is a good time.  Missing my other Two Slow brothers, but I’ll know we’ll be able to connect soon enough.  Life seems to always get in the way.

All in all a great day to hang out and ride.  My schedule was a little tight so I had to cut out

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