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Gear ReviewMy Dainese Torque Out boots have seen a lot of miles.  Maybe not as much as some folks, but I figure in almost 8 years they’ve seen over 70,000 miles.  That’s a lot of riding, walking, standing around for boots meant to be on foot pegs.  About 20,000 miles ago, the soles started to separate from the boots.  I tried a few Home Depot remedies but nothing lasted very long.  A few months ago one of the soles started to crack so I figured it was time for some repair.


Checked with the D-Store Orange County and they recommended Anthony’s Leatherworks in Corona Del Mar.  I’d heard about Anthony’s before but didn’t have much reason to take my stuff there.  Well, it was starting to get critical with my boots threatening to lose their soles on the way home one of these days.  Even at the point I was spot-repairing them with super-glue just to keep the soles on to-from work.


Well CDM is pretty close to my day-job so I swung by after work on Monday after work and dropped off my boots, with a pick-up date of Thursday. Three days?  OK.  I expected more like a week, but three days is cool.  I asked for a price and apparently the guy who could tell me a price had stepped out.  Whatever, long as it wasn’t $300, I was OK with it.  Got home and got a phone call from an unknown number and it was them calling to explain the boot process and the price:  $90.  Sold – see you Thursday.

Got stuck late at work and hauled ass down there.  Took a few mins to find my boots, and they smelled like glue, but the felt great on my feet.  The pictures don’t really do them justice.  I don’t think most people would be able to tell they’re not OEM soles.  Check it out:

Nice, right?  They feel about the same on the bike, but haven’t had much walking/standing time in them.  I picture another easy 8 years on these babies, long as nothing breaks on them.

Anthony’s does repair on leather jackets and suits as well apparently; there were two racks out front full of moto gear, with a bunch of signed pictures of racers all over the walls.  Regular shoe services also.  Check it out if you need some leather work done.


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  1. hey, thanks for the review! i’m in the same boat with 8 y/o torque out boots. can you give an update as to how the repairs have been?

    1. sorry for the delay.

      they’re holding up fine, pretty much still look like the pictures above. One thing I did discover, and it’s not bad, but since Dainese doesn’t sell replacement soles, they cut down the old sole then glued the new airwalk sole on top of it, and reattached the boot to the sole where it was separating.

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