Glendora Mtn Road Feb 8

rideIconI had a day off work so I decided to take a spin up to GMR.  I’d heard the road up to Crystal Lake was damaged and closed so I wanted to see what was going on.  GMR is so close, it’s a quick getaway with minimal freeway time and I’m not so far out in the hinterland if something goes bad.  After my electrical problem on ACH a while back I’m a little hesitant to head out that far again, especially alone.

It was a bright, sunny, windy day.  Blustery, as Pooh would call it, and unseasonably warm.  It was in the 80’s yesterday for the Superbowl, and I slept with the window open after too much post-game sushi celebrating (and beer of course).  The good news is when the wind blows the sky looks awesome, but the heat tends to get the haze up off the ground so you couldn’t see as far as might have been able if it were cold.  All this threat of a brutal El Nino winter hasn’t come true yet.  We did have some rain in December and January, but it’s always an event when I get to pull out my mesh jacket, like I did today.

Lots of rocks on the road today.  Everywhere.  I even stopped at one point on the front side and cleaned the road a little.  Plenty of fist-sized rocks that would ruin anyone’s day.  Other than a few cyclists, the road was pretty vacant.  I didn’t even see any other bikers until I got to the road closure on Azusa proper.  If you haven’t heard, the rain damaged the road and Crystal Lake Cafe is cut off.  If you’re a letter writing kind of person, here’s the guy to contact to get the road work moving, as it seems CalTrans is a little slow responding.

I ended up getting lunch at Congregation Ale House, at the bottom of the hill, in town.  Great little spot.  Some quality beers.  Food is pretty good.  Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed the day.

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