Memorial Day 2016 Azusa GMR

rideIconIt’s Memorial Day weekend again and I had a day off work so I decided kind of last minute to get up to Crystal Lake now that the road is fixed.  For those of you who follow the site or know me, you probably know that between work and a busy family life, I haven’t hardly been on my bike at all other than commuting.  It sucks.  Riding is freeing.  No matter how much bullshit is going on in your life, you can’t think about that stuff when you’re on a bike or you end up in a bad situation.  I was super rusty today since I haven’t really been on anything other than superslab the last almost three months.  I took it easy, but decided to mix it up a little and went up Azusa to the Cafe, then back down, across East Fork, and up and over Glendora Mountain Road.

0527 AzusaGMR_0011

A funny/not funny story.. As I was pulling off the highway some Kia Optima or something was trying to get over to exit.  So I give them space, and do a little ‘come here’ hand wave to let them know it’s clear.  And the driver goes ape-shit!  I’m not sure what she thought I meant with the little wave, but she went freaking crazy, waving her hands, bouncing up and down in her seat, and obviously doing it AT me.  They went right and I went left on the off-ramp, but the whole time we’re stopped at the light I can see her having a fit up ahead.  I finally just put my hands out and made a shrug motion like “what the fuck’s your problem?”  and shook my head.  That set her off even more and she chirped her little tires taking the left.  sheesh.  I hope whatever was giving her a shitty day gets fixed.  Who knows what she’ll do to the next person who tries to help her.

Anyway, on to the pics.  It was a beautiful day.  Some traffic due to the holiday I’m sure, even quite a few people up at Crystal Lake Campground.  Usually it’s a ghost town.  Got a hotdog for lunch and chilled in the shade.  Chatted with a guy on a Buell Ulysses, a bike I haven’t seen one of in years.  It’s funny how people who don’t live here think SoCal is just freeways, concrete, and suburbs, but we really do have a huge variety of ecosystems and terrain within an hour’s drive of pretty much anywhere.

No action shots today.  I wore my Cycleport gloves and they’re slippery as hell trying to handle smooth objects.  Even at a stop I almost dropped my camera.  Lot of water behind the dam.  I’ll have to see if I have a shot from last year and compare the water level.  Get out there.  Ride your bike.  Tell good stories.


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