Azusa Canyon April 1

My buddy Robert had never been to Azusa Canyon, and I hadn’t been on a pleasure ride in.. months.. since before my bike broke.  What?  Since May of last year?  Holy Crap.  The weather has cleared up and been beautiful the last couple weekends, but I’ve been busy.  I cancelled some things so I could have a weekend for myself, wife had the little one at a dance workshop.   Called my buddy, and we rolled out nice and early.  We hit the Southern California Motorcycles Open House after and called it a day.

azusa april 2017

Heading up, I felt like a scene in a movie: “I never knew there was this much green in the whole galaxy.”  I’ve been going up Azusa for about 10 years, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen it as green as it was today.  All the rain we had is doing something good it seems, and the upper and lower reservoirs had a lot of water too.  I’ve seen the lower one with water, but the upper was only about 20 feet from it’s high water mark.  There was water all the way up to the East Fork Rd bridge, and not a trickle, the riverbed was full.  Even though I haven’t been riding as long as some people, I’ve never seen that much water up there.

Really crazy point, going up the hills around 4,000 feet.  I’ve coming off a cold for weeks now and my ears have been bugging me.  Around 4,000 feet the pressure tried to equalize in my ears and something wasn’t right.  The pressure got so out of wake I started to get dizzy.  Right when I was thinking of turning around, I saw the “2 miles to Crystal Lake” sign and knew I could make it.

We got up to Crystal Lake Cafe and it was so bad I almost wrecked trying to park.  I dismounted and almost fell over, I was so dizzy.  After twenty minutes of trying to fix it, it finally cleared enough so I didn’t feel nauseous and the vertigo went away.  It was crazy stuff, never had that happen before.  Everything’s OK now, but I don’t recommend it.



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