Icon 1000 Chantilly Helmet-First Impression

My trusty Icon Variant helmet was getting a little long in the tooth.  Holy crap, last week I realized it is almost six years old.  I determined my head shape leans towards the long-oval which limits the helmets I can wear.  There are a few intermediate-ovals on the long’ish side I can wear but most int-ovals, including the Variant, give me too much forehead pressure.

helmet icon chantilly

I poked around online to find some long-ovals, but the pickings are slim.  Pickings are even more slim if you don’t want to spend $600 or more.  The Arai Signet fit pretty well, but outside my budget.  Same for the Shoei GT-Air.  The HJC IS-17 is on the long side of int-oval and it fit OK, but I wanted something a little more up-market.  Lo and behold I found out the Icon Airmada is a long-oval shape.  On behalf of all long-oval heads, God bless you, Icon 1000.  Local shops only had it in black and I try to stick to white/white-ish helmets for safety.  I didn’t want a helmet with the white rubbery bits like the Variant had because that shit never stays clean.

I found a Chantilly at a local shop, and it fit really well, could get my glasses in it OK.  But they had no white so I ended up ordering online with Bike Bandit and using my AMA discount.  Once I get some miles in on the helmet I’ll post up a full review, but until then please enjoy these unboxing and detail pics.

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