SoCal Motorcycles Open House 2017

After taking my buddy up to Azusa Canyon, we hit up the Southern California Motorcycles Open House.  Lots of bikes, a few friends I haven’t seen in a long time, tried on some helmets.  I thought they’d have food, but just ice cream and a food truck, so we didn’t stay too long.  But, I mean, I did take time to get a picture with the pretty girl….

My buddy Suburban Delinquent got a little exposure there too, well one sticker on a bike.  Saw my buddy Kyle while I was trying on helmets, who tried to convince me I need something better than a $200 helmet.  Well, maybe, but not sure I need a $700 helmet either, I don’t care how well that Shoei GT Air fits.  Got to see my buddy Tom from the Costa Mesa Dainese store who had a good time talking to Robert, both being Chicago natives and Cubs fans.  Couple other guys too, I don’t want to try and name everyone and end up forgetting someone.

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