Black Friday 2017

Black Friday.  Ugh.  One of the days a year we only hear about the worst of our humanity.  I make it habit to go riding on this day to get away from the TV and insanity.  Jon and I haven’t gone on a ride in a long time, and I hadn’t seen him and Adell since their wedding so I really wanted to connect and catch up with them.  They’d never been to Pappy and Harriet’s, so I decided I’d take them for lunch to check it out.

This happened on Nov 24, but our host has been down since then, so I’m catching up.

We got a later start than we planned, but hey, it’s a vacation day, whatever (more on that later).  Met at a gas station, fueled up, and then headed out for Big Bear, going up the backside through Mentone and Highway 38.  After a rest stop near the summit and making our way through North Shore Drive, then dropped down into Lucerne Valley and onward to Pioneertown through a backroad I found on the map.

Unfortunately, it was crazy and we had to wait almost an hour to eat.  By the time we were leaving I was pretty worried about getting home before dark.  Now, riding in the dark doesn’t bother me, but I ride with a dark shield and I was worried about riding in the dark with a dark shield. Sure enough, the last twenty minutes of my ride home were in the dark made even darker with a dark smoke visor.  It worked out, was great to see Jon and Adell.

Got the unexpected pleasure of an amazing sunset.  The weather was great, roads were clean, company was good.  The best part was getting home and seeing the great Christmas decorations the wife and kids got together while I was gone.

I came home to this



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