GMR and Cold Brew

Oh, GMR how I missed you, but with a bike I wasn’t confident in, I didn’t want to get up in the hills and break down.  Nick at Valley Desmo got it working right a couple weeks ago. Now with it fixed it was time for a GMR run, and to take Robert up there for his first time.  Luckily East Fork Supply Co was having a donuts and cold brew coffee event that day, so we strung the two together, got lunch after, and made most of a day out of it.  The people at East Fork are genuine and have a nicely curated collection of their own stuff as well as from other moto-shops. They like to hike too, so if you’re into motos or hiking, they’ve got cool stuff.  Give them a follow on FB or IG if you’re inclined; they’re good dudes.

SoCal is pretty deep into Autumn now so the mornings are chilly, the days are warm, and the evenings are chilly again.  The weather was great, clear with a little chill in the air-enough to keep it too hot.  I’d taken Robert up to Crystal Lake, jeez, a year ago, but he hadn’t seen GMR so we took it easy and just cruised to the top.  Then down the back side, through Azusa then off to East Fork Supply for their coffee and donuts, courtesy of Black Top Society.

I’d been meaning to get their events for a while, but they always fall on a day I could never make it.  Glad I was able to rep my Everyday is for Riding shirt and swing by the shop again.  We finished the day with some BBQ and suds at Brian’s.  So great to get back out, even for a short run. Need to plan an overnight trip for the summer, I think.


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