Women’s Motorcycle Show 3

For the first time in a long time I got out of the house on my bike at night for a show.  I’ve wanted to go the last couple years, but never made it – but this year I was able to make the Women’s Motorcycle Show.  A show put on by a woman, featuring only bikes built by women.  Jon and Adell live real close so they came over too.  Saw a few moto-celebrities like Brittany Morrow, and of course Motolady.  Even ran into a few people from OC Moto that I really did not expect to see.


Great show, but super crowded.  I have a feeling they’re going to have to move somewhere for next year or start charging admission.  After catching up with Stephen who works at Lexin Moto, and randomly running into Dave (who’s total OG and I want to be him when I grow up), Jon, Adell, and I hung out outside, me sucking down a PBR and them with their ginger beer something-or-other.  Some really cool bikes and some that were.. interesting.  Not my style, but hey, you do you.  Finished it off with some late dinner at Purgatory Pizza – sadly I was so hungry I forgot to get any pics of the pizza but man it was good.

I got totally lost getting back to the highway on the way home.  I thought I was in one of those dystopian near-future novels where the concrete highways soar above the commoners, reserved only for the privileged elite.  I kept driving under the highways, but no matter which way I went, I couldn’t find an onramp.  I finally just randomly turned on a street and was able to get to the 710 which then I made it back to the 5 and home.  phew….







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