Good Friday 2018-ACH

Good Friday is a financial holiday so I get the day off work.  I did what any sane person would do and took a couple vacation days wrapped around it to give myself a long weekend.  Reset, get some good energy going again, get some stuff done around the house, and ride my bike.  The weather has been pretty cold lately but this weekend was supposed to warm up.  That usually means I get some miles in on the Duc, and today was no exception.  Wife and kids were off to work and school, so I checked the weather, got geared up, and out the door.  It was chilly, in the 50’s through Wrightwood, really glad I kept my jacket liner installed.  ACH has some bad mojo for me.  The last few times I’ve been up there, it hasn’t gone well. Jon got a flat one day, and my rectifier burned itself up on another trip.  I’m not usually superstitious, but I’ve been a little wary about going up there.

Route 66

I took a short detour off to old Route 66, but seems like they stripped it of all the signage.  They stopped putting up Route 66 signs many years ago – they just kept getting stolen.  The Historic Route 66 signs were painted on the pavement, but even those are gone now.


At some point between 15 and Wrightwood, I accidentally flipped my camera into some artsy slideshow mode. Some of the shots were pretty cool, some were just odd.


Town is quiet because we’ve had so little snow this year.  A town that basically lives on the ski slope and the few businesses in town – if there’s no snow, it’s pretty quiet.  Mountain High had zero snow, I don’t know if they opened at all this year. I feel bad for people who own motels and restaurants that rely on the visitors.

Angeles Crest Highway

It was quiet on the road today – there was a little traffic coming the other way but I didn’t see any other bikes going my direction until I was beyond Islip Saddle, which is kind of the half-way point, where you transition from the south side of the ridge to the north side.  Got a head-tap from a helpful biker as I approached Newcombs, but otherwise no Highway Patrol either.


Stopped for a soda at Newcomb’s Ranch and check out the bikes.  Hey, if you’re an ACH regular, make sure you’re buying something at Newcomb’s when you stop.  A soda, a sandwich, some fries, something.  Those people depend on us to keep them in business and keep their employees employed.


Off we go down the front side, little surprised by a controlled burn I rolled up on just beyond Newcomb’s.  Easy ride down, but it’s a little harder to get pictures along this stretch.  Got down to the 210 and apparently everyone worked a half day because the 210 was bumper to bumper.  Took far too long lane sharing through it all, but arrived home in due order.  Very easily, a Good Friday.

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