Post-Thanksgiving Azusa

I rode today.  It’s been a while, and that was completely my fault.  I could make all kinds of excuses about being busy or whatever, but that’s all they’d be.  The fact is I wasn’t making time to ride or blog or do much of anything really.  Hopefully this is me turning over a new leaf before everyone else makes those wacky New Year resolutions about riding more..


I took an extra day off work after the holiday and decided to use it to break in my new tires.  I forgot how great the Michelin Pilot Roads are.  I recently came off some Dunlap Road Smart and was never really happy with them.  Truth is, they had plenty of tread left, but I’d picked up so many nails in the rear it was leaking pretty badly every day and I just had no confidence in it.  The Michelins just feel better, to me, than the Dunlaps ever did.  YMMV.

After taking several days to do a bunch of service to the bike, I decided to take it easy, especially with brand new shiny tires.  Up to the top of Highway 39 where it ends.  Didn’t see any bighorn sheep, but it was a beautiful day.  Little windy and chilly but otherwise the sky was blue and the sun was out.

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