Dainese Orange County Toy Ride 2018

Christmas time is tough for everyone.  It’s cold.  It’s dark.  Everyone is in a rush so traffic is more hectic than normal.  No matter how crazy my Christmas-season can get, I have to remember there are kids who have it worse.

I’ve been a little lacking in my moto-charity efforts lately so when I saw Dainese Orange County hosting a toy ride for Orangewood Foundation, I jumped in.  We’ve done this at work before and I remember from those efforts Orangewood has older teens to help also.  Teens don’t want plastic toys.  So I had my own teens help me find something thoughtful, and then a couple gift cards.  Headed to D-Store on a chilly Sunday, then out to the Lookout, back to Ducati Newport Beach for some lunch.  Good times.  

I checked out some of the gear at D-Store (important because I’m in the market), checked out some of the new Ducs, and a decent ride led by Ducati Riders of Orange County. Remember to support the people who support us.  So if you’re at a group ride or a bike night or whatever it is, remember to buy something, even if it’s small. When you’re in the market for a larger purchase, remember those stores that support the local motorcycle scene.  Everyone likes to save a few bucks online, but remember who is hosting and paying for all those cool moto-social events you attended through the years. #supportLocal Enough of the lecture – on to the pics.

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