New Year’s Ride 2020

I’ve been doing a New Year’s Day ride for the last several years.    At some point in my life getting hammered on New Year’s Eve lost its appeal, so instead we usually get a kind of early dinner, watch a movie, then I’d go out riding with some friends in the morning.  Can’t have a fun morning ride if you’re hungover.  A couple weeks ago my buddy Dylan asked me about GMR and I offered to take him up there when I had some vacation time around Christmas.

Wellllll……  GMR was closed today, probably due to the rain we’ve had the last week or two.  It hasn’t rained for a couple days, but between the runoff, mudslides, and rockfall, they close the road pretty often until it can get cleaned up.  So we cut through the neighborhoods to get over to Azusa.  We went across East Fork to show him where GMR ends on the back side, then we went up to Crystal Lake.  The cafe area was crazy mobbed with people so we just turned around, hung out at the top of 39 for a little bit, then went and got some lunch at my local.  Great way to start the year, and I hope I can find time to ride more in 2020.


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