Covid 19-Work from home day 47

Today is my work anniversary; Eighteen years. Eighteen years and sixteen of them in my current department. I’ve been promoted, lateraled, demoted, promoted more than once since then. I’ve seen a lot of change in eighteen years, but nothing even comes close to 99.9% of my company working from home. Around the beginning of the year, our department said “hey good news! Everyone can work one-day per week at home!” Two months later the coronavirus hit and they sent us home with the instructions “Don’t come back until we tell you.” I’m super curious to see how this transforms our company once this is all behind us.

While I normally show some cool native garden pictures, today I get to show you my reward for eighteen years- fixing the toilet. I found yeserday the fill valve wasn’t shutting off all the way, and when I lifted the tank lid, the water was about an inch from overflowing. One thing about everyone being home: everything in the house is working harder than it has in its life. Dishwasher runs almost every night. With four women in the house we go through a ton of TP. I go through a shit-ton of coffee creamer. I haven’t put gas in my car in almost three months, so I guess I’m making up that cost in creamer.

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