Covid 19-Work from home day 51

What a day. I completed some stuff, got started on new stuff. And then found out my project with an August roll out has moved to a December roll out. Man. That’s a long delay for us. And that’s all presuming everything goes on schedule. There was some hit at an October release but pushed out even further. Not sure I can justify 50% of my time for the next five months for that one. At least no one dropped a bomb on me today, so I got that going for me. Which is nice.

Work from home has just become numbness now. Like commuting. Do it long enough and you get desensitized to it. For me at least, I need people around me to bounce ideas off, shoot some bullshit, joke, etc. Chat, video-conference, and phone calls just isn’t the same. Not sure if any of my coworkers miss me, but I do miss seeing them each day, even if we don’t interact much each day. Contractor asked me when we were going back to the office. While I didn’t have an answer, I did give my opinion it’ll be at least six month. I think depending what happens at the State and County level will at some degree dictate what we do. Buildings are all sanitized and sealed off mostly- have to get special permission from a senior-level to even be allowed to go to your own desk.

Transplanted one of my purple fountain grass a couple weekends ago because it wasn’t looking good where it was originally planted. Probably planted it too close to some others and this one was the runt of the litter. I was afraid it wasn’t going to survive the replanting, but I’ve been diligently watering it every morning, and today I noticed this nice fresh sprout coming out of the bottom. When I looked further there were even more green sprouts inside all the deadness so I think I’m in luck.

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