Covid 19-Work from home day 55

Another day of head-down and getting stuff done. No joy in it, but at least some work was completed. One of the cool parts about working from home, even with this pandemic bullshit, is being able to help the kids with their homework, and help them with the mental stuff. Today the little needed help understanding a metaphor. Last week the middle needed a pep talk. These kids man, I’m barely managing to do this work-from-home bullshit and they’re holding straight A+’s.

The other benefit of working from home, more time. Just more time in general. Yesterday I started my fencing lessons again but I was able to have it 3 hours earlier just because I didn’t have to commute and do dinner and all that. Today I cleaned out a bunch of old magazine I was ‘saving’ for some reason. I know I’ve cleaned them out before at some point, but the oldest one was from 2011. RIP Motorcycle Consumer News. I also found this with a September 2000 date on the back. RIP KROQ.

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