Covid 19-Work from home day 61

So one thing you don’t usually worry about working from the office- one of the kids was cleaning their room today and my office is right below their room. It sounded like her and some friends were playing basketball up there. Thursdays the neighbor’s gardener shows up and makes a bunch of racket for 30 minutes and I have to remember to close the window. Usually right in the middle of a teleconference.

And unfortunately we’ve got an early heatwave in the area, it’s been high 90’s-low hundies the last three days. No A/C at home, and my office faces the setting sun so around 2pm, it gets pretty hot in here.

Good news though, my red buckwheat is getting ready to bloom. Just two tiny red buds right now but there are a lot of wanna-be buds forming. I’m excited to see what it looks like in full bloom. Stay safe. Register to vote. And Vote.

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