Sunday Afternoon Music-Clutch

Clutch is a band I’ve followed since their first album Transnational Speedway League way back in 1993. They’ve transformed along the way almost to a bad you wouldn’t recognize as putting out TSL. It is one of those bands you hear pretty regularly and maybe you don’t know who they are.

I mean compare this:

with this;

Don’t get me wrong. Musicians need to grow. We all do. People who get mad about a band because they ‘don’t sound like they used to…’ well fuck man, they SHOULD get better, they SHOULD evolve. No one wants to listen to the same thing year after year after year. That doesn’t mean the old song is bad or the new song is better (yes, technique might be better, of course) but we all need to evolve in our skills and taste. You don’t want to be the music version of Uncle Rico, clinging to some failed future that will never happen; playing the same riffs for 30 years.

Anyway Clutch is a band worth listening to, especially for former grunge-metal-heads like me. I love how Neil Fallon’s voice and style has evolved over the years. The band itself, back on TSL was just a straight up rock group with heavy backlines, and now they have this groovy swamp rock sound. I dig it. Of the recent releases I’m more a fan of Psychic Warfare, but Book of Bad Decisions is really good also. Enjoy.

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