Independence Day 2020

Today is Independence Day. I’m not going to sit here and lecture you about what it means and how you should feel about it, because Independence Day means different things to different people.

But I will say this: Patriotism is not a tiny flag pin you wear on your lapel. It is not standing for the Anthem.

Patriotism is Action. Patriotism is how you defend those who cannot defend themselves.

We all have different means, different comfort zones, and different approaches to patriotism. One of those is not better than the other, but they do work together- they need each other. We all need each other for this country to work. To really work. In these uncertain times, I would urge everyone to make their voice heard before the powerful silence us all.

America is not perfect, it never has been. I believe in the promise of America but I recognize that too many times we have fallen short of that promise for far too many people. Saying so does not make one unAmerican. To the contrary, we can only become better by recognizing where we have fallen short in the past. Acknowledging our failures is how we can be better. We can perfect our Union.

Create small successes every day and we can realize the American Promise through the collection of our actions.

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