Say No to Fake Shit

Shopping with the kid and saw this bullshit

Fuck all you corporate pig dogs who leech off us to make your bullshit in China or Indonesia or wherever and sell it to kids at ridiculous prices. 

Didn’t you learn from Hollister’s bullshit stealing surf designs? People don’t buy what you do, they but why you do it. Don’t make up fake MCs, fake shops, fake customs. Be true. Be genuine. Stay gold.   

Good people, there enough genuine, true, and real brands out there that will gladly sell you a hat or tee, you don’t have to buy this tripe. Support the makers. Support real.

Downtime – apologies

techIconToday it was noticed the site had zero hits for the last 3 days.  While we don’t get a ton of traffic we do get a pretty steady flow of daily visits.  We’d worked on some site optimization the other night and apparently something didn’t save right or got messed up somehow.

Luckily, no content was lost, it was all there, but every link off the main page lead to a dead end.  Not sure what fixed it, but after some frantic flipping of options and trying to reverse changes from the other night, suddenly everything started to work again.

Our apologies to anyone trying to visit or coming from an external link to one of our tech posts.

2014 Year End Review

twoslow180pxI hope I never have to type those words except for here.  Typing those words anyplace other than here means I’m giving someone an annual review and I really don’t ever want to do that.  But the stats package we use from WP gives us a pretty good year end analysis and some people might like to see it.  Thanks for coming along and we all hope you’ll stay with us as we do our best to tell good stories, share good pictures, drink some good beer, and have good times with friends.

Follow the link to check it out:

Two Slow




Ten Thousand hits

twoslow180pxThe Admin here.

Very happy to report as of Wednesday 11/19 has received ten thousand hits.  I was going to post Wednesday night but I got busy and forgot until this morning.

While it is a small milestone for some sites, it’s one to celebrate for our tiny slice of the interwebs.

We will continue to produce content that is compelling and interesting.  We’re glad you’ve come along on the ride with us.



Gimme your lunch money, new kid!

Gear ReviewWe are pleased to announce long time, original Two Slow road dog Russ has joined us here at  Russ got a cruiser a couple years ago, lots of night and weekend rides with Andy.  Not sure if it’s true or not, but rumor is having a bike helped him get a woman.  Just what I heard from some guy.



You can’t sit here, new kid!

Gear ReviewWe’re pleased to announce that long time Two Slow friend Robert has joined us here.  Robert started out as dirt rider including many rides in Baja Mexico.  He recently scooped up a dual sport and is looking forward to enjoying more asphalt in his life.
Please join me in welcoming him and making him get frigging beers for the rest of us.