Two Slow LA @ 2015 Distinguished gentleman’s ride

On Sunday, over 700 dapper SoCal LA motorcyclists took over the streets in a huge ride that not only generated over $100,000 marked for prostate cancer research, but made a statement to the denizens of Los Angeles that motorcyclists are good people and not entirely composed of harebrained hooligans!

DIY Moto Phone Mount

With all the changes I’ve made to my Bonnevillle, I finally got around to solving the need for a cheap phone mount. I’d been planning on using the integrated mount system my iPhone case includes. It’s a Rokform case, but the mount is an adhesive type and I wanted it right on my handlebar beneath my dash/gage. They make a couple different moto mounts, but they’re kinda pricey. Continue reading

The World Is Calling, Your Bike Can Answer

Any bike can take you there if you want to go. Don’t let excuses or nay-sayers stop you. My girlfriend and I took my Bonneville from Los Angeles to Vancouver this summer for three weeks. Every bike is different, but as riders, we need the same things; comfort, protection, range, reliability and fun. My 2009 Bonneville SE had a few of those checked off, but it still needed a few things to make it into a bonafide tourer. Here is a write up of the parts I needed, how they performed and a few pictures that I hope you enjoy. Continue reading

What Makes a Good Riding Buddy?

184081_256454104379141_2303998_nRiding a motorcycle for pleasure is a specially rewarding experience. Here, in SoCal there are many roads that provide excitement but are not without risks. A bad crash, to a simple breakdown or flat tire can leave you stranded out in the middle of nowhere for hours. A cell phone or personal tracking device are good tools of the trade, but I have been let down by low batteries or no cell reception. Why am I bothering to address this, you ask? Because we don’t have to accept these risks alone. When you get a flat or your bike dies unexpectedly stranding you hours from help and shelter, what would you rather have; a cell without reception or your best riding buddy?
imageI’ve been quite lucky to have met a friend who has earned my complete trust. The kind of trust that is forged over thousands of miles of riding and sharing the highs and lows of riding together. Our own Andy is this man. Andy contains the core characteristics you need in a riding buddy.
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Motorcycles & Misogyny

While perusing the Triumph forum (now that I’m a Triumph owner!) I encountered an opinion of my Bonneville that deeply offended me. I blasted back right away, but now that I’ve had time to think about it, there is a deeper issue.

“Bonnevilles are girl bikes. Notice she stole it and not a Speed Triple? Just saying.”
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Comparing Apples and Olives

techIconComparing things that are not alike is kind of silly, so let’s waste no time with the following pointlessness.
I have recently purchased a triumph Bonneville as a second bike. I’ve been riding my Aprilia for years but after a recent accident last year I found my riding needs and limitations have changed. Here is my reaction in comparing these two bikes.

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Take THAT, bucket list!

31 is a bit early to be thinking about bucket list activities, I know.  And no, I’m not dying… as far as I know.  There are youthful antics, and then there are bucket list accomplishments.  So what could I have done that was so awesome to fill a space on my future bucket list?  It can’t be just some stunt, or misadventure as those are just youthful tomfoolery unworthy of such a life defining list.  At my age it would have to be epic, manly, singular and unite friends in the blinding light of my glorious achievement.

I have done one such thing.  Much more than a punch of my man-card, I feel it is truly bucket list worthy.  I went to Oktoberfest with my girlfriend and close buddies.  While there in full lederhosen and already super buzzed, I was asked to compete in the most manly test a marshal tribal culture could muster, the “Stein-holding Competition.”   And I freaking won. Continue reading

That’s not it, I’m ‘positive’

What began as a long awaited ‘trip of a lifetime’ quickly turned into a disaster for me as my elsewhere mentioned ‘shitty old’ Yamaha began acting up -f’cking badly. We were just a day into an ambitious 3500mi trip to Yellowstone National Park from OC California and my damn bike wouldn’t start. A friend postulated that it was probably just a lose battery terminal connection.

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