Icon 1000 Chantilly Helmet-First Impression

My trusty Icon Variant helmet was getting a little long in the tooth.  Holy crap, last week I realized it is almost six years old.  I determined my head shape leans towards the long-oval which limits the helmets I can wear.  There are a few intermediate-ovals on the long’ish side I can wear but most int-ovals, including the Variant, give me too much forehead pressure.

helmet icon chantilly

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Seven Tips for Buying Used Gear

Gear ReviewBuying used gear or parts is a great way to save yourself some money.  On the flip side, it’s a great way to make a few bucks and subsidize new moto-purchases.  But seriously, some of you folks need to polish your skills on being a buyer.  Shitty sellers exist too, but I’ve found FAR more shitty buyers in my time.  Based on a recent experience I had, here are some tips on buying gear and parts.

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Boot Repair – Anthony’s Leatherworks

Gear ReviewMy Dainese Torque Out boots have seen a lot of miles.  Maybe not as much as some folks, but I figure in almost 8 years they’ve seen over 70,000 miles.  That’s a lot of riding, walking, standing around for boots meant to be on foot pegs.  About 20,000 miles ago, the soles started to separate from the boots.  I tried a few Home Depot remedies but nothing lasted very long.  A few months ago one of the soles started to crack so I figured it was time for some repair.


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Everyday Kit


My every day kit to/from work:


Sorry for the lack of posts.  Once we got back from our roadtrip, been super busy between work and family stuff and haven’t had a single ride or bike show to squeeze in.  It’ll let up soon and I’ll be back to more frequent updates again.

Rider tip #3 – Be nice to your gloves

Gear ReviewGloves are one of those things we become intimately familiar with, and something you will love or hate after just a few rides.  Most other pieces of equipment you can tolerate their shortcoming, but gloves can make or break ride comfort.

Gloves aren’t cheap either, so stop ruining them when you’re taking them off.  Instead of pulling them off by the fingers, try this method.


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Cycleport Racing Gloves

Gear ReviewI’ve been wearing the same gloves for several years now and they’re starting to show their age.  I stopped by the Yellow Devil Gear Exchange closing-sale and found some Cycleport gloves left over.  The price was right and they fit pretty well so I scooped them up.  I’d known about Motoport/Cycleport for a couple years, but only from their jackets.  A couple of the local guys had gotten full suits and jackets from them and were very happy.  I’m really picky about my gloves, but based on the price of these I felt OK giving them a shot.  Now that I’ve worn them for a couple months it’s time to make some observations.


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Rider tip #6 – Change your grips

Gear ReviewLately my bike had been acting a little tired. Slow to spool up, hesitant at low speed, running choppy at small throttle openings.  I figured it was just a 10 year old 75,000 mile bike showing its age.

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DIY Moto Phone Mount

With all the changes I’ve made to my Bonnevillle, I finally got around to solving the need for a cheap phone mount. I’d been planning on using the integrated mount system my iPhone case includes. It’s a Rokform case, but the mount is an adhesive type and I wanted it right on my handlebar beneath my dash/gage. They make a couple different moto mounts, but they’re kinda pricey. Continue reading