Say No to Fake Shit

Shopping with the kid and saw this bullshit

Fuck all you corporate pig dogs who leech off us to make your bullshit in China or Indonesia or wherever and sell it to kids at ridiculous prices. 

Didn’t you learn from Hollister’s bullshit stealing surf designs? People don’t buy what you do, they but why you do it. Don’t make up fake MCs, fake shops, fake customs. Be true. Be genuine. Stay gold.   

Good people, there enough genuine, true, and real brands out there that will gladly sell you a hat or tee, you don’t have to buy this tripe. Support the makers. Support real.

Happy Labor Day

Yeah, I know.  It’s been a crazy summer with way less riding than I planned, and way less posting than I planned.  Been having bike trouble so I haven’t done any weekend riding to avoid getting stranded with a break down.

So anyway, hopefully things will turn soon.  Nothing bad going on, just a full calendar.

In the meantime, Happy Labor Day – remember why it’s on the calendar.


Saving America with Motorcycles

Motorcycles can save America.  I know- it sounds crazy.  Every day it feels like the country is falling apart: inequality, racism, sexism, hate, anger, fear, war and conflict… and those are some big problems.  We can do our part to chip away at the insurmountable problems of our generation and effect positive change in our communities.  Motorcycles can solve congestion, decrease electrical loads and costs, and reduce carbon emissions.  We can’t do it alone, we need a little help from industry and the government, but together we can accomplish small goals with large impacts. Continue reading

Three Dudes in OC

My bike is still in the shop so I’ve been driving to work in my car.  Today the traffic was terrible in the afternoon.  I left work late, and it was worse than normal.  About 5 miles into my commute I see a stalled truck is causing some of the problem.  Older guy, white hair and beard, stuck in his F150 in the #4 lane.

We’re all kind of creeping around him and suddenly I see a guy who looks like young Marine cut across from the shoulder, walk up to his window, say a few words, then go to the back of the truck and start pushing.  He’s young, barely old enough to buy a beer, wearing full BDUs and the 8 point cap, I think it’s called.  And not faking it, his trousers were bloused properly and everything.

‘What the fuck?’ I’m thinking.  ‘We’re on a hill, no way is he going to get that truck moving.’  I’m a few cars back and I’m thinking “OK, I need to get out and help.”  I know how dangerous it is playing on the freeway, but this is guy will hurt himself and the truck isn’t moving.

As I’m looking for a way to pull to the shoulder and help, and I see a young Hispanic guy, 20’ish run out and get behind the truck and start pushing also.  Pretty soon they get it moving, and it’s picking up a little speed.  The little car behind them shielded them as they pushed the truck over to the shoulder while we all yielded and waited for them to get it to the shoulder.

As they finish, I see the Hispanic guy and the Marine shake hands and wave.  Hispanic guy waves to the old white guy in the cab. The Marine goes up to the cab and started talking to the driver, while the Hispanic guy ran back to his car, smiling.  For that small fleeting moment, it wasn’t a white guy, a green guy, and a brown guy out there in the road.  It was three American dudes trying to help each other get out of a shitty situation and find a better end to a shitty day.

I’m sure there’s a moral or something in here but I’m too dumb to string together enough words to make it meaningful, so I’ll just say: Look for opportunities to help a stranger. Find someone who needs a kind word.  The sun will rise and together we can win.



Four Wheel Commuting

rideIconI’ve been commuting on four wheels the last couple months.  My bike had a catastrophic electronic failure and I’ve just not had the time or cash to get it repaired or trucked off to the shop to get diagnosed.  Consensus in the Monster community is the dash has failed and is stuck in key pairing mode.  New dash means a new ECU means a shit ton of money which I don’t have.  It needed a bunch of other work too, some of which I had the parts in the mail when it failed.  Hopefully get it sorted over the Christmas holiday.

In the meantime, I’ve been commuting by car which sucks but at least I can grab some cool sky pictures while secured in my metal box.

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