Azusa Canyon April 1

My buddy Robert had never been to Azusa Canyon, and I hadn’t been on a pleasure ride in.. months.. since before my bike broke.  What?  Since May of last year?  Holy Crap.  The weather has cleared up and been beautiful the last couple weekends, but I’ve been busy.  I cancelled some things so I could have a weekend for myself, wife had the little one at a dance workshop.   Called my buddy, and we rolled out nice and early.  We hit the Southern California Motorcycles Open House after and called it a day.

azusa april 2017

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Highway Riding Tips

I’m back to highway riding again after getting my bike back.  As I was commuting the other day, I had to remember all the highway skills I’d picked up over the years.  With the news from other states talking about legalizing lane sharing I thought I’d hit the highway riding and lane sharing subject again.

One small clarification before I start – When I’m talking about ‘highway’ I mean the ‘superslab.’  That is, three or four lanes each direction of relatively straight concrete.  As usual, these aren’t the only tips, the top tips, or the best tips for highway riding.  I don’t claim to be an expert in anything.  These are my tips to you or someone you know who might benefit from them.  Let me know what you think in the comments.


highway riding

Red sky at morning, sailors take warning.

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First day of School

rideIconTook the day off to take my little one to her first day of first grade.  I wanted to squeeze a ride in but the sky was hazy and I didn’t have much time so I shot down to the beach to get some pictures.  Unfortunately, they have the high tide berm built up so you can’t really see the ocean from the parking lot.

Sprinted home in time to catch lunch with my girl at our local.  Beers and BBQ always make the day better.


Memorial Day 2016 Azusa GMR

rideIconIt’s Memorial Day weekend again and I had a day off work so I decided kind of last minute to get up to Crystal Lake now that the road is fixed.  For those of you who follow the site or know me, you probably know that between work and a busy family life, I haven’t hardly been on my bike at all other than commuting.  It sucks.  Riding is freeing.  No matter how much bullshit is going on in your life, you can’t think about that stuff when you’re on a bike or you end up in a bad situation.  I was super rusty today since I haven’t really been on anything other than superslab the last almost three months.  I took it easy, but decided to mix it up a little and went up Azusa to the Cafe, then back down, across East Fork, and up and over Glendora Mountain Road.

0527 AzusaGMR_0011

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rideIconRunning on fumes.  We’ve all said it before.  Last time I ran out of gas I was luckily in my driveway, wondering why my bike wouldn’t start.  I usually fill up after 160 miles, maybe 180.  That day with a coughing, weezing bike in my driveway, I had 211 miles on the tank.  The other day leaving work for my 20 mile commute, the fuel pump primed and made a funny noise.

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Glendora Mtn Road Feb 8

rideIconI had a day off work so I decided to take a spin up to GMR.  I’d heard the road up to Crystal Lake was damaged and closed so I wanted to see what was going on.  GMR is so close, it’s a quick getaway with minimal freeway time and I’m not so far out in the hinterland if something goes bad.  After my electrical problem on ACH a while back I’m a little hesitant to head out that far again, especially alone.

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SoCal Norton Owners – Run for the Roses

rideIconWith the holiday season upon us, Jon and I were trying to connect to hang out and catch up.  He got invited to the SoCal Norton Owners Club Annual Run For The Roses ride, so he invited me to join him.  I’d never been of course, but the route included Angeles Crest and Newcomb’s Ranch so I was in.


SoCal Norton Run For The Roses

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It’s been a while – GMR Oct 16

rideIconWith the heat this summer not letting up and a busy kids’ schedule, it’s been hard to find time to get out for a pleasure ride.  I commute every day on the bike, but it’s not the same as riding for the essential joy of riding.  I decided to take a random day off in October because there were no other holidays I’d get off and today was the day.  I haven’t ridden a curvy road in months so I took it real easy and just enjoyed the day.


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