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1115 Long Beach IMS_0030.jpg

Long Beach IMS 2014

I was lucky enough to score a ticket to IMS and got to hang out with my Pops and his good friend David from Durango.
0902 GMR_0013.jpg

Sept 2 GMR

My kids had their first day of school today, so after dropping them off I celebrated by hitting GMR and getting lunch with my girl at our local. The weather was a little off, not hot or anything, just a hazy day, but otherwise it was a great day on the mountain.
0712 Colgin BBQ_0009.jpg

Birdman BBQ

Last BBQ with Birdman for a while as they moved up to NorCal for a couple years (hopefully only a couple years.
0712 Cars and Coffee_0031.jpg

Cars and Coffe 7/12/14

It’s summertime and people come out of the woodwork for Cars and Coffee. Every Saturday over in Irvine CA all the exotic, rare, restored, and just down right funky cars from the area congregate for a show-and-shine. It’s a good time, usually, especially on a bike because we get to park inside the show area. Forever Two Wheels!
0531 Cars and Coffee_0126.jpg

Cars and Coffee 5/31/14

Holy crap there were a lot of cars and Cars and Coffee today. I got there pretty early and the lot was practically full already. Met Dan, Randy, and Eddie. Saw a couple other folks I recognized but didn’t remember their names. Always a fun time. Lots of McClarens today, more than I’ve ever seen in one spot at least. Lots of cars I’ve never even heard of. Not that I’m a ‘car guy’ by any stretch but I’ve at least heard of most of the manufacturers. Some eye opening sleds today.

Good Friday 2014

We had a company holiday today and a couple buddies from work all got hall passes so we hit the road. One guy, you know who you are, wanted a 6 hour run up the coast. Uh, pass. How about Angeles Crest Highway, aka ACH? Bill had never been to ACH, Marco had, but only the ‘front side’ with his BMW friends. Everything was all set, a time, a route. Hardly any traffic today and everything was going great until an 18 wheeler decided it wanted to be in our lane.

Rite of Spring - Palomar

Spring started this week. The days are getting longer and I was itching to get some miles in and things worked out for me to get on the road today. I’d been down (up?) to Palomar with the RAT group a couple months ago and I wanted to get out there again with some time to stop and grab some photos. Such a beautiful day – spring has sprung. A little overcast and fogged in through the morning but cleared up by 11 or so. Cows everywhere on the ranches. And bugs, lots of bugs on the road.
217 Crystal Lake_0011.jpg

Crystal Lake – Feb 17

Another company holiday means I was able to sneak in a ride. I’d been hitting ACH a lot lately so I decided I’d run up to Crystal Lake. I haven’t been there in a while and it’s nice ride, usually not much traffic especially on a week day.
0120 ACH_0012.jpg

Jan 20 2013 ACH

It was a company holiday so hitting ACH seemed like a good idea.
0101 Big Bear Pioneertown_0013.jpg

First New Year’s Ride 2014

For the last several years I've made it a habit to get in a ride on January 1. Sometimes pretty long, sometimes a short jaunt to lunch. The traffic, if any, is generally mild and most eateries aren't busy until later in the day. This year I headed up to Big Bear Lake's north shore on 330/18, then down the back way through Lucerne Valley to Pioneertown.
1217 commute_0018.jpg

Commuting in December

A beautiful sun rise and an amazing day lane splitting to and from work.
1201 Ojai_0036.jpg

Dec 1 Ojai

My buddy Dan from TI had a ride going this weekend with some friends of his. Jim from TI showed up also. I thought we were going to hit Crystal Lake but turned out we went up to Ojai.
1111 Ride_0044.jpg

Big Bear - Veterans Day

Robert and I took our chance to thank our veterans (of which he is one) by jumping on our freedom machines and riding up into Big Bear.

Bad Day at Islip

Jon had been hankering for a while to ride ACH and the timing just never worked out.

End of Summer ACH 2013

Robert and I finally found a day we could hang out, blocked out a couple hours, and took him for his first trip on ACH, and first real street ride on the KTM.
0901 BBQ_0052.jpg

2013 Summer BBQ

We skipped the beach this year for our annual party.
0825 Brews-Blues-BBQ_0033.jpg

Brews Blues and BBQ

Fullerton Arboretum has a beer tasting and BBQ event. Two Slow showed up and represented.


I finally got out of the house for Italian Bike Night down in HB
0728 Palomar RAT_0018.jpg

Palomar with SoCal RAT

Jon and Andy jumped onboard a ride with the Triumph riders of socal.

Born Free 5 2013

Born Free vintage chopper and classic motorcycle show June 29, 2013 Oak Canyon Ranch, Silverado CA

Denver - May 2013

Birdman picked up a new bike in Denver and I went along for the ride.

Baja 1000 2012

Me, Robert, Sean, and Christiaan went down to Bahia De Los Angeles in Baja for the race and a little off road riding.
Born Free 4_0035.jpg

Born Free 4 2012

Oak Canyon Park, Silverado CA

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