SoCal Norton Owners – Run for the Roses

rideIconWith the holiday season upon us, Jon and I were trying to connect to hang out and catch up.  He got invited to the SoCal Norton Owners Club Annual Run For The Roses ride, so he invited me to join him.  I’d never been of course, but the route included Angeles Crest and Newcomb’s Ranch so I was in.


SoCal Norton Run For The Roses

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Angeles Crest Highway Feb 15

rideIconACH in February?  Why not?  I’d been invited on a group ride to Julian, but it had to be postponed a couple weeks. I already had the time blocked out and the wife was expecting me to be gone so I took advantage and tried to exorcise my ACH demons.  Such a beautiful day.  Temp was great, not much traffic, but man Newcomb’s was pretty busy.  Not like summer-time busy, but pretty busy for February (although I’m usually there on week days so my perspective is a little off).   Continue reading

I’ve had better days – ACH

rideIconWork has been pretty crazy lately so I decided to take a day off and get some riding in.  Let’s just say I’ve had better days.  It started off like a lot of my riding days do.  I hem and haw over where to ride until I land on a route I’m feeling good about that fits into the time and weather.  Usually ends up pretty well.  As a friend pointed out, I’ve had worse days, but I’ve definitely had better. Continue reading

Good Friday 2014 – ACH

rideIconWe had a company holiday today and a couple buddies from work all got hall passes so we hit the road.  One guy, you know who you are, wanted a 6 hour run up the coast.  Uh, pass.  How about Angeles Crest Highway, aka ACH?  Bill had never been to ACH, Marco had, but only the ‘front side’ with his BMW friends.  Everything was all set, a time, a route.  Hardly any traffic today and everything was going great until an 18 wheeler decided it wanted to be in our lane.

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Jan 20 – ACH

rideIconMonday was a company holiday and I usually make it a point to get out on the road and decompress when that happens.  Work has been kicking my ass lately, so even after a weekend I needed a little open road time.  I like ACH because it’s generally pretty deserted on weekdays, although sometimes that can work against you.  We haven’t had much snow this winter, if any, so ACH has remained open.  There was some snow on the north sides of the mountains and in the shadows, but otherwise it was pretty clear.

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Bad Day at Islip

rideIconJon had been hankering for a while to ride ACH and the timing just never worked out.  When I was going, he couldn’t make it.  When he was free, I wasn’t.  Not that I needed to be there, I’m am by far NOT an expert at riding ACH (or riding anything, for that matter).  But it’s nice to have someone familiar when you’re hitting a new road.  Everything was going great until…

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End of Summer – ACH

rideIconToday is the fall equinox.  Kind of bummer, because the days will only get shorter than the nights after this.  Not that riding season ever really ends in SoCal, but still  Robert and I finally found a day we could hang out, blocked out a couple hours, and took him for his first trip on Angeles Crest Highway, and first real street ride on the KTM.

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rideIconGot a chance to get some miles in with my OG Road Dog, T-Bone.  He’d never been to ACH so we hit the road and tackled it east to west.  Not too many bikes until we hit Newcombs and then holy shit a herd of them must’ve left right after we did because we were getting passed a-plenty for a bit there.

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