Brevetti Ducati

techIconYou’d think a company that started as an electronics manufacturer would have good electronics on their motorcycle.  Think again.  My Pops told me something once like “Ducati has brilliant mechanical engineers, and horrible electronic engineers.”

Blows me away how a tiny little $15 part can completely take your bike out of commission.

After a week of not riding my bike to work, just too busy to diagnose, find the parts, and install the parts, I’m back on the road with some NAPA parts.  Big thanks to Howie and Nick over at Ducati Monster Forum. Two $15 relays from Autozone brought my bike back to life.  Maybe it’s just the car-commuting-cabin-fever talking, but it seemed to run much better on my Friday commute.  Better than it has in months.

I don’t know how people do it.  Thursday it took my 1:20 to get home from work, and that’s only 20 miles.  It was awful.  When I ride, I almost always see the same cars to- and from- work.  I don’t know how they can sit there chugging along at 10 miles per hour for an hour.  The worse part is once you realize you’re completely screwed, exiting the highway and going another way isn’t going to save you any time.

Ducati Monster chain and sprockets

techIconReplacing a chain and sprockets isn’t really hard, even when you’re like me and don’t have all the right tools.  You can get it done.  There’s nothing magical about doing it on a dual swingarm Ducati.  Process for a single-sided swingarm is different, but relatively the same.  I replaced mine the other day and took some pictures of the process, hopefully this will help you feel confident enough to do it yourself.

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DIY Moto Phone Mount

With all the changes I’ve made to my Bonnevillle, I finally got around to solving the need for a cheap phone mount. I’d been planning on using the integrated mount system my iPhone case includes. It’s a Rokform case, but the mount is an adhesive type and I wanted it right on my handlebar beneath my dash/gage. They make a couple different moto mounts, but they’re kinda pricey. Continue reading

Ducati Monster fuel filter install

techIconSo the last week or ten days, I’ve noticed a really rough idle and rough low throttle.  The Monster would hesitate and almost stall then catch itself.  Even when fully warmed up.  Adjusting the fast idle didn’t do much to fix it; that is, it helped keep the revs up, but it still would almost stall.  Kind people at Ducati Monster Forum suggested the fuel filter.

While I knew it was soon time to replace it, I didn’t think it’d be this son.  Last one I replaced was at ~36,000 miles and I’m now at 58,000 miles.

Either way, replacing it seemed to fix the problem. How is it done?  Keep reading.

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Ducati Monster wet clutch throwout bearing

Sorry for the lack of updates.  My bike has been down so I thought I’d write up one piece of my ongoing saga of getting a 50,000 mile Ducati running.

First, some background.  I had a strange problem where I would pull the clutch in, then if I was sitting at a light the bike would start creeping forward and then stall.  If quickly pulled the clutch for normal shifting, everything was fine.

I popped off the clutch slave cylinder and found this:

That can’t be good.

Definitely not good.

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