Almost there – Resurrection

Almost there … If you’ve been following along, my bike has been dead for a while now. After dicking around with it for several weekends, I finally gave up and resolved I was in over my head.  I had to manage a ride to the shop, but handled that finally around Christmas. Good news though, my mechanic has brought it back to life.

For those who aren’t familiar with the particulars of Ducatis, the key has a chip similar to many cars.  The chip talks to the dash, which turns off the immobilizer, which tells the ECU to start the bike, and they’re all paired together.  The dash, the ECU, and the key are all matched as a set.  One Monday morning after an uneventful Friday commute my bike wouldn’t start.

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Back Again

It’s been a while.

After what seemed like a long unwanted hiatus I’m back on the road. Had a few shake down commuter runs now so I’m pretty confident things are taken care of.  October is a busy month for me but November things should turn around for some more pleasure rides.

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