Saving America with Motorcycles

Motorcycles can save America.  I know- it sounds crazy.  Every day it feels like the country is falling apart: inequality, racism, sexism, hate, anger, fear, war and conflict… and those are some big problems.  We can do our part to chip away at the insurmountable problems of our generation and effect positive change in our communities.  Motorcycles can solve congestion, decrease electrical loads and costs, and reduce carbon emissions.  We can’t do it alone, we need a little help from industry and the government, but together we can accomplish small goals with large impacts. Continue reading

Five Things Drivers Should Know About Motorcyclists

I get asked a lot of questions from people about motorcyclists and bikers.  It seems if you’re a motorcyclist you know and represent all other bikers. Usually these are same questions with well-rehearsed answers.  Not that it’ll ever stop, but here’s my attempt at stemming the tide.  People love lists, so here you are:

Five Things Drivers Should Know About Motorcyclists.

five things drivers should know about motorcyclists

Note:  This isn’t the only five things, the top five things, or the most important five things.  No science involved here, just my own opinions about five things I get questions about and people should know.  Feel free to share this with your friends.

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Driver’s Guide to Motorcyclists

There always seems to be animosity between motorcycle riders and car drivers.  I get why some of that happens.  Some riders put on their helmets and act like jackholes.  Some drivers do the same.  The problem, as I see it, is that pretty much all riders drive a car, so we understand the car mind-set (we call you “cagers” because of that cage you drive in).  Most car drivers haven’t ridden a motorcycle so they don’t really understand what goes on in a rider’s head or why we do the things we do.

This article is for the enlightened car driver who wants to learn a few things about riders and being a better road citizen to your two-wheeled neighbors.  If you want to argue about a rider who did this or that, do that elsewhere or come talk to me in person and I will counter every instance of a rider-being-stupid with ten times as many car-driver-being-stupid-examples.  And honestly, let’s just call this Part 1, because I could fill a freaking book about what drivers don’t know about riders.

Read on and learn:

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