Electrical problems-again

techIconSome of you might have noticed I’ve been pretty scarce and posts even more scarce.

I’ve been working through some personal stuff and on top of that my bike has been down, off and on, since the first of June.  Ten days of downtime and I thought I had it fixed, but it only ran for a couple days.  It’s been in the garage ever since in varying states of disassembly.  A month of commuting by train and two weeks driving my car, a week of that on a bad rear wheel hub.

I think I finally have it fixed after I found this:

Pro top – when your Ducati starts having electrical problems, check the effing rectifier.

I’ve had better days – ACH

rideIconWork has been pretty crazy lately so I decided to take a day off and get some riding in.  Let’s just say I’ve had better days.  It started off like a lot of my riding days do.  I hem and haw over where to ride until I land on a route I’m feeling good about that fits into the time and weather.  Usually ends up pretty well.  As a friend pointed out, I’ve had worse days, but I’ve definitely had better. Continue reading