Four Wheel Commuting

rideIconI’ve been commuting on four wheels the last couple months.  My bike had a catastrophic electronic failure and I’ve just not had the time or cash to get it repaired or trucked off to the shop to get diagnosed.  Consensus in the Monster community is the dash has failed and is stuck in key pairing mode.  New dash means a new ECU means a shit ton of money which I don’t have.  It needed a bunch of other work too, some of which I had the parts in the mail when it failed.  Hopefully get it sorted over the Christmas holiday.

In the meantime, I’ve been commuting by car which sucks but at least I can grab some cool sky pictures while secured in my metal box.

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Red Sky Warning

rideIconWhen I was getting ready for work yesterday I noticed the sky was warming up to give us a beautiful sunrise.  The way the clouds and the mountains were lined up, I knew it’d be pretty but just for a short time.  But I had to get to work, so I grabbed my camera and  tried to get a shot from the commute.  It was pretty dicey, but I think I managed to get a good one.

Work Day_0001

Red sky at morning, rider take warning

Since I had my camera I figured I’d grab a couple snaps through the work day.  I don’t normally talk about work here, but I figure it’s what lets me keep my family happy and keep my bike happy.  Work to live, not live to work.  More below.

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