Rider tip #6 – Change your grips

Gear ReviewLately my bike had been acting a little tired. Slow to spool up, hesitant at low speed, running choppy at small throttle openings.  I figured it was just a 10 year old 75,000 mile bike showing its age.

But then the other day I noticed when I was twisting the throttle, the grip was moving but the throttle tube wasn’t. I tried solving it with some light adhesive but that didn’t work.

The Driven D3 grips served me well, and I realized they’re probably 6 years old. You can barely see in the pics but when I pulled the throttle side off, the inside had a bunch of rubber pebbles. Clearly the inside was just not gripping the throttle tube.

A quick stop at the local biker supply, and some ProGrips soon graced the Duc.


On the way to work I immediately could tell the difference, it was like riding a new bike. Best $20 I ever spent.

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