Might be time

I think it might finally be time for new boots

With the shifter pad lifting, the sole separating again after getting new soles a few years ago, the leather falling apart, and the other boot starting to separate from the footbed, over 100,000 miles later i think I got my money’s worth.

I really like these boots for the low key look, rear entry zipper, low profile, and the protective qualities. Might be hard to find a replacement I’ll be happy with.

Any suggestions?

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  1. dainese has changed the torque out boot i liked. a couple years back i tried the course out and the torque. ended up with the course- it retained the “simpleness” of the prior torque out boot.
    looking back at your prior boot repair, would you say it was worth it- for where you are now?

    1. I got about 3 more years out of the boots for $90, so yeah, I think it was worth it. At the time, the guy at Anthony’s commented on how Dainese doesn’t sell soles, so they had to improvise to resole mine so it’s definitely going to make me think about what brand I buy this time.

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