Lucas Oil NHRA Winternationals 2020

I had the great fortune this year to get invited to the 2020 Lucas Oil NHRA Winternationals at Pomona. Never really followed drag racing but I’d watch it on TV here and there. My buddy Ron has a connection with a company that sponsors Team Wilkerson Racing and is able to join him in the team hospitality tent in the pits. It’s a crazy good time, even if you don’t follow racing.

There’s nothing like nitro funny cars and top fuel dragsters flying down the track at 300 mph. When they fly off the start, you can feel it in your chest. Later we went down to the finish and when they’re blowing through there at 300 mph, the shock wave made my hair stand up on end.

Got to see some really good runs including this one with two badass women Leah Pruett and Brittany Force throwing it down.

John Force and Matt Hagan also.

I got totally fried and sunburned by the end of the day, especially by Tim’s last run the afternoon.

Enjoy some pictures also.

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