What is Winter?

Yes, we get winter in southern California. Maybe not the winter you’re used to, but we definitely do get it. Our winters generally consist of rain and relative cold. Winter cold for me gets down into into the mid 40’s and maybe at its worst we get down to near freezing. Laugh all you want, keep in mind we also get up above 100 pretty regularly in the summer/late fall.

I haven’t touched my bike in six months. Pandemic, weather, and just buying getting caught up on home projects kept me from riding. After talking myself out of it the last few times I considered it, I finally convinced myself to go take a spin around town, and I captured this Winter in SoCal image.

Motorcycles. Palm trees. Snow capped mountains. Cellphone camera doesn’t do it justice, to be honest. My camera-nerd friends say stuff about focal length or whatever.

What you can’t see here, is when I pulled over to take this, behind me on the other side of the road were some swallows on the hillside hunting insects. It’s magical to watch, very Zen, very calming.

Look. This year is still pretty shitty. Pandemic raging. Protestors blocking vaccinations. A third of the country thinks half the country should be in jail; Half the country thinks a third of it should be in a mental institution. Things aren’t great, but at least it seems like there’s light at the end of the tunnel. As I stood there watching the swallows flit around I had to remind myself about the beauty of the world. Sometimes I need to stop and enjoy small things to enjoy the beauty. Snow capped mountains. A flock of swallows hunting.

I know it’s pretty cliché to say something “stop and smell the roses.”

But really stop, be still, listen to your breathing. Give the beauty time to reveal itself to you.

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