That tool you didn’t know you needed

There’s always some tool you don’t have that you need. Back around Black Friday my neighbor said “Hey, Home Depot has a great deal on this thing.” I happened to go to the HD that weekend, looked but didn’t find it, and didn’t have time to find someone to help me find it and then I forgot all about it.

Luckily I have a really good relationship with this awesome neighbor and the other day he asked “Hey did you ever get that thing?” Told him the story, and he says “Well I ordered a couple because they were so cheap and I don’t need all of them and don’t want to bother taking it back, so you can have it.”

What? Seriously?

Seriously. It’s the thing I never knew I needed until I got to use one. What you don’t see here is a 7-foot-tall trumpet vine I’m taking out. Now normally I would’ve used my ladder of course, but this was so much easier to move around, especially when I needed to get particular angles with my loppers.

After I finished with this, I moved it over to my back block wall to trim the vine coming over and it was so nice being able to move along the wall to do my cutting instead of precariously reaching and stretching to cut and hurting my back. Even used it to sit and use a bow saw instead of being hunched over the whole time.

This one happens to be a Gorilla brand, but any brand will do. If you’re a handy person and you do stuff in the house or out in the yard, you can probably find a good reason to use this.

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