Covid 19-Work from home day 45

I think we’re into week 10. We’re all dealing OK with the safter-at-home, although we’re all starting to get a little tired of the lack of scenery. One kid took an AP test online today which seemed to go off ok, technology-wise. There was some concern about the internet and bandwidth and all that, but went off without a hitch, and more importantly no tears. I gave my dad-speech before, that one test doesn’t define you, doesn’t define the work you’ve put in all year, and whatever happens happens, we’re proud of you no matter what number comes out at the end. We’ll see what happens with the test in a couple months I guess.

Just when I was starting get worried about my California Buckwheat, it started showing some buds, so looks like it will end up flowering. It’s supposedly a spring-summer bloom, so I was getting a little worried it was going to take another year. It’s one of the anchors of my native plant garden, so really excited that it’s going to bloom. It was tough to get a picture of the proto-blooms, but I’ll updated if/when the whole things blooms.

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