Saturday Morning Music-Red Fang

I’ve posted Red Fang in the SMM before, but they’re so good they deserve another post. Coming out of Portland with what I would call straight up heavy metal, their music videos are so good I have to listen to them in the background just to hear the song. They range from straight up hilarious like Cut It Short and Prehistoric Dog, to the classic tour montage on Dirt Wizard.

A classic metal 4-piece with shared vocals and great groovable riffs and memorable melodies. I did see some mentions on the intertubes of them as a ‘stoner rock’ band but I don’t agree with that genre assignment. There is plenty to get your head-bang going, and less of a heavy groove-jam I’d associate with the stoner/desert brand. That’s just my opinion and we all know how much that’s worth.

The newest album Only Ghosts below is from 2016, but if the video for Antidote from last summer is any barometer, it seems like there’s a new album in the offing. My personal picks from the album are I Am a Ghost (dig the bass intro), Cut It Short and Shadows. Enjoy.

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