Covid 19-Work from home day 66

Heard from a friend who left the company last year today, kind of out of the blue but nice to catch up. Work still chugs along as I try to remain positive and keep moving things forward. I’ve figured out the parts of my job I don’t like. This is probably nothing earth shattering, but for me the part that sucks the life out of me is the endless treadmill of oatmeal work. Bland, boring, substantial (in volume), but still boring. Transformative work is what fires me up- something that changes the nature of how work is done, how people learn, how the business is run.

But the bulk of any job is just the monotone grey noise of keeping the business moving forward day after day. It’s up to me to find the joy in the mundane, I suppose.

In other news, the red buckwheat is blooming. I had to put my pinky in this photo so the camera would focus correctly and give you some sense of scale.

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