UNT-Return Leg

We made it back from Denton where we dropped my kid at UNT for her second year. Pretty uneventful trip, in a good way. I was careful to stay at/under the speed limit, feeling like I had a target on my back with the California plates on the Dodge Caravan.

Denton > Albuquerque > Orange County, mostly on I-40 through the northern plains of Texas-New Mexico, and the high desert of Arizona. It’s really less ‘desert’ and more ‘grassy plain’ most of the way, although it was hot through some parts, with the dash saying it was 114F through one stretch. Hopefully the windmill farms in north Texas didn’t give us all the brain cancer.

You can’t begin to understand how big those windmills are, with nothing around for scale. Even the closest one we saw was probably 1/3 mile away and it’s still massive. At one point we saw one with a truck parked next to it and the truck looked like a toy.

And good news- I’m 2 for 3 on getting lost in Flagstaff. Use your GPS, folks.

You never know how much you miss those California sunsets until you see a good one after a week someplace else.

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