SoCal Motorcycles Open House 2017

After taking my buddy up to Azusa Canyon, we hit up the Southern California Motorcycles Open House.  Lots of bikes, a few friends I haven’t seen in a long time, tried on some helmets.  I thought they’d have food, but just ice cream and a food truck, so we didn’t stay too long.  But, I mean, I did take time to get a picture with the pretty girl….

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April 11- SoCal Motorcycles Open House

SoCal MotorcyclespartyIcon had their open house Saturday.  I really wanted to go to Hippy Killer Hoedown this year, but it just didn’t work out.  So instead I put it some miles on GMR, then went over to SoCal for some free hot dogs, check out some bikes, and invariably see a bunch of people I don’t normally see.   Continue reading

Cars and Coffee Nov 22

Cars and CoffeeHeaded out to Cars and Coffee this week.  Realized afterward I haven’t been since July.  Not that I’m a regular by any stretch, but usually I don’t take a 4 month break.  Good show today, lots of cars, but not crazy like I’ve seen it in the past.  Even saw a few I haven’t seen before.  Picks after the jump. Continue reading

Long Beach IMS 2014

andyScored a ticket to the International Motorcycle Show from my buddies over at The Cycle Guys.  Wow, crazy show this year.  So much more stuff than the last time I went to IMS (2010 I think).  Motorcycle industry bouncing back?  Not only where all the dealers there, but lots of the smaller vendors, retailers, and manufacturers were there this year.  I even caught a glimpse of the MotoLady, altho she was busy and I didn’t want to interrupt to say ‘hi.’  Ton of pics below.   Continue reading

July 12 – Cars and Coffee

rideIconIt’s summertime and people come out of the woodwork for Cars and Coffee.  Every Saturday over in Irvine CA all the exotic, rare, restored, and just down right funky cars from the area congregate for a show-and-shine.  It’s a good time, usually, especially on a bike because we get to park inside the show area.  Forever Two Wheels!  Lots of pics below. Continue reading

Cars and Coffee May 31

Holy crap there were a lot of cars and Cars and Coffee today.  I got there pretty early and the lot was practically full already.  Met Dan, Randy, and Eddie.  Saw a couple other folks I recognized but didn’t remember their names.  Always a fun time.  Lots of McClarens today, more than I’ve ever seen in one spot at least.  Lots of cars I’ve never even heard of.  Not that I’m a ‘car guy’ by any stretch but I’ve at least heard of most of the manufacturers.  Some eye opening sleds today. Continue reading