rideIconRunning on fumes.  We’ve all said it before.  Last time I ran out of gas I was luckily in my driveway, wondering why my bike wouldn’t start.  I usually fill up after 160 miles, maybe 180.  That day with a coughing, weezing bike in my driveway, I had 211 miles on the tank.  The other day leaving work for my 20 mile commute, the fuel pump primed and made a funny noise.

If you ride one bike long enough, you learn to investigate funny noises.  Something clicked in my head.  The last time the fuel pump made that funny noise was the day I ran out of gas.  I checked the trip odometer and found 205 miles on a tank that only holds about 4 gallons.

I really really didn’t want to find out what it’s like to run out of gas at 75mph on the freeway.

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